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  1. LXC containers shows host's load average

    Here's what I got back from cPanel when I asked them about it: I didn't bother pushing more past that point. If you feel like contacting them and pushing, maybe open a feature request and link it here? I'm sure others will come...
  2. Option to Show VM Bandwith in Kbps / Mbps

    Do you prefer Virtualizor over Modulesgarden? I was thinking of grabbing the Modulesgarden WHMCS addon to resell easier but Virtualizor seems cheaper.
  3. Option to Show VM Bandwith in Kbps / Mbps

    Thanks for explaining the bandwidth measurements. I was off due to that seems like.
  4. Option to Show VM Bandwith in Kbps / Mbps

    Yes, I already know that. It doesn't change a thing. You can easily test by restarting a VM, running 1-5Mbit traffic for an hour, then compare the average/maximum speeds listed in the VM summary to the netin/netout values. They don't match, no matter how you do the math or compare plotting...
  5. Option to Show VM Bandwith in Kbps / Mbps

    The easiest way to see the difference is going to the Datacenter >> Node: Search view, and enabling netin/out columns. Those values are correct. However, when I go to Datacenter >> Node >> Container >> Summary, or Datacenter >> Node >> Summary, the "Network Traffic" section doesn't show the...
  6. Option to Show VM Bandwith in Kbps / Mbps

    @Alwin I would also like to see the same option. Proxmox 6 also seems to have messed up the bandwidth graphs, and they're no longer accurate. This wasn't the case in 5.5 before I migrated to 6 - pve-manager/6.0-11/2140ef37 (running kernel: 5.0.21-4-pve). What's accurate is the node search list...
  7. LXC containers shows host's load average

    @fabian @oguz is there any chance the Kernel can be patched for sysinfo calls to reflect the container loads instead of the host as mentioned above?
  8. LXC containers shows host's load average

    cPanel confirmed that they're using sysinfo(2) via Perl to get the loads, and lxc would need the kernel patch discussed here
  9. LXC containers shows host's load average

    Confirmed still an issue on cPanel 72 through 84. While 'uptime', service httpd fullstatus and /proc/loadavg all report the LXC load, the WHM "load average" seen in the top right header still reflects the VPS host node value. I opened a ticket with them to see if they can change the method in...
  10. LXC containers shows host's load average

    Is this still an issue on Proxmox 6, and the cPanel "Process Manager" showing the host load, while 'uptime' and top/htop show the lxc container load? I'm in the process of onboarding a new client and would rather put them on a cPanel lxc container vs kvm. Thanks
  11. Crash with Intel 760p NVME

    Was it nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=1500 or nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=5500? I'm using 2x1.2TB NVME SSD's (INTEL SSDPE2MX012T7), but the details I found on disabling the unsupported lowest power saving state refers to using 5500 vs 1500 for the value.
  12. Proxmox 6 :: Inaccurate Network traffic data

    Hello, I recently upgraded from Proxmox 5 to 6, and noticed that the "Network traffic" section is not logging as accurately as before. I monitored the usage for an hour using vnstat, then took screenshots of the average and maximum graphs for that hour from the GUI. As you can see, the stats...
  13. lxc NFS

    Did something change in Proxmox 5? I can't get it to mount in a LXC container using the steps from above. I keep seeing: [194697.116353] audit: type=1400 audit(1544903181.369:142): apparmor="DENIED" operation="mount" info="failed flags match" error=-13 profile="lxc-105_</var/lib/lxc>"...
  14. Meltdown and Spectre Linux Kernel fixes

    Thanks for the update! Just wanted to report no issues here: Base Board Information Manufacturer: Intel Corporation Product Name: S1200SP Version: H57532-210 [root@spice ~]# uname -a Linux [redacted] 4.4.98-3-pve #1 SMP PVE 4.4.98-102 (Sun, 7 Jan 2018 13:15:19 +0100) x86_64...
  15. KVM direct drive access

    Hi Wolfgang, Thanks for the insight! Would other options such as VNC, or start/stop/stats still be available without issues in the web ui? Am I safe to assume the end result in /etc/pve/qemu-server/<kvmid>.conf would be the following considering the scsi ID isn't used and that's the correct...
  16. KVM direct drive access

    Hello, I'm looking to setup a new Proxmox 4.4 node using 2x480GB SSD + 2x2TB SAS, and each pair will be a hardware RAID1 array (LSI MegaRaid). The host system and some small LXC containers will reside on the SSD array, however I would like to give a KVM "direct" access to the 2TB RAID1 (KVM...
  17. lxc NFS

    Worked fine for me on Proxmox 4.4 in `/etc/apparmor.d/lxc/lxc-default-with-mounting` using: mount fstype=nfs*,
  18. High Wait IO after and Load Average upgrade to Proxmox 4

    The '/var/lib/vz' reference was in regards to the pve lv on the host side. The changes were made to the mount options set in /etc/fstab.
  19. High Wait IO after and Load Average upgrade to Proxmox 4

    I'm a Systems Architect, and just so we're clear, the chances of losing data by disabling write barriers are close to none. You can forcefully terminate a KVM/LXC/what-have-you upmpteen hundred times before you'll see a barrier related data loss. Personally, I haven't come across one that wasn't...


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