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  1. PMG Suitability and recommendations for customer / prospect

    Hello everyone, I have open ticket with Support on this, but I also wanted to get some feedback from the PGM Community. We have a customer that is considering using Proxmox Mail Gateway's for their monthly invoice batching. This is mission critical email that needs to go out without fail in...
  2. Containers Storage - reclaim?

    Hello, We have a PX node where the a compressed backup for the primary VM no longer fits in the defined zfs-backups storage areas (around 150g). A backup job fails at the end when it runs out of space. I have tried different compressions and types without success. At this moment, I am...
  3. Recover PVE VM from vma.dat file?

    Yes. I figured a standard VM restore would not be out of the question. But I was wondering if the dat file itself could be a examined for some sort of partial data extracttion of files and folders that existed on virtual disk of the VM?
  4. Recover PVE VM from vma.dat file?

    Thanks, Tom. The customer is pretty desperate at this point. If the actual VM itself cannot be recovered, it is at all possible to use forensic methods to extract specific data from the disk storage files within? Is the vma.dat file readable at all?
  5. Recover PVE VM from vma.dat file?

    For a VM that has been lost without full backups. Is this possible?
  6. proxmox HA on shared SAN storage

    OK. I am pulling that list from and I know there many options, and my concern is for medium to mid-market clients with limited funds for hardware and software investment that still want...
  7. proxmox HA on shared SAN storage

    I continue to look into the right answer on this. Is the info below still correct? These would be the only Shared storage options for a HA cluster (aside from NFS and CIFS). If we have clients that are setting up a 3-5 nodes, I would like to settle on a stable and affordable recommendation.
  8. What open source solutions are available to use "ZFS over iSCSI with Proxmox"?

    OK, so the current version of FreeNAS combined with the Proxmox + patches is a workable configuration for ZFS over iSCSI - and shared with a cluster?
  9. Shared Storage for a PVE Cluster

    One of my primary concerns here is the iSCSI drivers in Proxmox. Can we use any commercial pair of network appliances that support iSCSI as shared storage for a cluster and safely assume the connection will work OK?
  10. Shared Storage for a PVE Cluster

    czechsys - for this particular customer, there will be 3 PVE nodes, and they did not want to consider direct attached storage option. Performance requirements are not extremely significant , but they do not want to implement a "slow" solution. A network appliance is definitely one of the methods...
  11. What open source solutions are available to use "ZFS over iSCSI with Proxmox"?

    Thanks for the clarification, Raku - please keep me posted on your progress within this topic? We are trying to establish a standard / preferred shared cluster storage to recommend to our Proxmox customers and prospects, and I would like to have assurances that people have had consistent...
  12. Shared Storage for a PVE Cluster

    Very good, and working well? How is it otherwise configured? Is the connection through iSCSI? How are thexpected drives formatted?
  13. What open source solutions are available to use "ZFS over iSCSI with Proxmox"?

    Raku - What kind of problems did you experience with OmniOS? This was just recommended to for an iSCSI shared storage solution for a PVE cluster. Is FreeNAS a better choice in your opinion?
  14. Shared Storage for a PVE Cluster

    If Ceph is not an immediate option (due to the 4 node minimum req), what is the preferred method for shared storage with a PVE cluster and iSCSI? Glutez - you had mentioned dual Centos with default write-intent bitmaps enabled? Also GlusterFS?
  15. proxmox HA on shared SAN storage

    So, is ZFS over iSCSI a workable configuration? If not, what would be the preferred shared storage for a HA Cluster (other than Ceph)?
  16. reinstall a proxmox

    Did you re-install on the exact same server hardware?
  17. Shared Storage for a PVE Cluster

    Yes. I was thinking we would be using dual iSCSI storage to avoid a single point of failure. But I did want to include FreeNAS as one of the options. So, is the PVE <> iSCSI <> FreeNAS setup currently not a stable configuration? What about 2 Dell MD3xx0i devices or using a Synology soluiton? I...
  18. Shared Storage for a PVE Cluster

    Yes. This is what I thought. There are additional physical hardware and infrastructure considerations for Ceph. I will discuss this option with the customer, but they seem to be a bit reticent to move much beyond the straight and narrow. Even if Ceph is unquestionably the "best" choice, they may...
  19. Shared Storage for a PVE Cluster

    Thanks, Dietmar. I will ask the client if they would consider Ceph. They have been talking about a NAS or SAN with the DELL Powervault, so I am not sure from a hardware perspective. I assume we would need separate machine(s) running Linux to create a Ceph shared storage instance that would be...
  20. Shared Storage for a PVE Cluster

    We are proving a proposal to a client and would like to recommend the best option to have shared storage for their cluster(s). I have been looking through the forum during the past couple of days and found several threads on this topic. Unfortunately, I have not determined that the most...


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