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  1. Windows VMs stuck on boot after Proxmox Upgrade to 7.0

    FWIW, the "stuck" VM I left running did NOT magically recover when I did rolling upgrades the other night and migrated it to a node with pve-qemu-kvm 6.2, it just kept spinning after the migration. I will keep track of reboots now that we are all on pve-qemu-kvm 6.2.
  2. Windows VMs stuck on boot after Proxmox Upgrade to 7.0

    @aaron I saw that you were a proxmox staff member posting in this thread. I don't have a support contract, but if it's helpful, I've got a Win 2016 VM that just rebooted after windows updates and is experiencing the issue discussed in the thread. It's a dummy VM, so I can leave it this way if...
  3. Windows VMs stuck on boot after Proxmox Upgrade to 7.0

    Our experience has been the same as what others have reported -- after an automatic reboot from unattended windows updates, 2012R2 VMs stuck at the windows logo with the spinning dots. Have to stop and restart the VM, which someone pointed out in a ticket somewhere results in a "fresh" qemu...
  4. Error "online storage migration not possible if snapshot exists" on zfspool (bug in

    Got it - thank you. I edited my original post based on your warning. Also followed the ticket you mentioned on bugzilla.
  5. Error "online storage migration not possible if snapshot exists" on zfspool (bug in

    Live migration with snapshots should be possible for zfspool storage, but I am getting the error "online storage migration not possible if snapshot exists". The block at line 520 in is never reached because of the die statement at line 519. If I comment out line 519 and restart...
  6. Port forwarding same port to multiple VMs using same port as well

    You can't do what you're talking about with NAT. Each EXTERNAL_IP:EXTERNAL_PORT combo has to map to a single INTERNAL_IP:INTERNAL_PORT combo. You could do (not what you are talking about): publicIP:80 -> publicIP:81 -> publicIP:82 -> But to do something...
  7. apt dist-upgrade (minor) has broken PVE. Corosync won't start

    Wonder if OP uses vi? If you are on the version: 2 line, with cursor at end of line, and used the "0" command to move to beginning of line, not realizing you were in INSERT mode, it would append a 0 after the 2. Just a thought. Also, though his config_version: 7 doesn't seem like a likely...
  8. XenServer to Proxmox

    10Mbps would be very painful for pretty much any option that transfers filesystems over the link. Could you take or ship media to the data center and export/clonezilla-image locally then bring/ship it home? I was cloning VM to VM over 1Gbps links, with a 10Gbps backbone and getting an average of...
  9. XenServer to Proxmox

    I booted the xenserver VM from the clonezilla virtual media and selected remote-source, then booted the new proxmox VM I'd just created to receive the data with the clonezilla virtual media, and selected remote-destination. There's some fiddling with the virtual disk to switch to the virtio...
  10. XenServer to Proxmox

    I am going to try Alessandro's script (thanks for sharing), and I know that the OP wanted something automated, but just leaving this here for others like me who are coming here from XenServer. I had great success with using clonezilla to move Windows XP, Server 2003, 2008 and 2012, as well as...


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