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  1. dcsapak

    [SOLVED] Tape Backup - Media-Set Empty

    no, the package was not yet bumped so no new version is available yet
  2. dcsapak

    Failed to destroy vGPU device.

    yes, the way backup for stopped vms works is that it has to start a vm process in 'stop' mode (nothing is actually executed) and the stopped again all in all, maybe someone of you could report this as a bug to nvidia? namely especially this error: when the mdev is already cleaned up.. maybe...
  3. dcsapak

    Failed to destroy vGPU device.

    the diff posted looks harmless enough, but i don't really want to do that as a permanent fix (as mentioned). i'll think about how we can handle that in all situations gracefully....
  4. dcsapak

    Viel Backupspeicher - Welcher Storage

    das hängt immer davon ab was davon erwartet wird. Generell raten wir davon ab netzwerkspeicher zu verwenden, da die höhere latenz erheblichen Einfluss auf die backup/restore wie auch garbage collect & verify hat was aber auch möglich ist, ist vllt ein zweiter größerer (und potentiell...
  5. dcsapak

    Suppress datastore check and syslog

    if you disable the storage on the pve side, it will not be polled for the status (datacenter -> storage -> select your pbs storage -> edit )
  6. dcsapak

    I had some trouble requesting the api

    First, the post seems to be for PVE not for the backup server, so i'll move the thread to the correct subforum. also you still have to provide the pve api ticket to the call and it is not a normal GET call, but intended to be opened as a websocket (e.g. by novnc) (see...
  7. dcsapak

    pbs - backup space usage overview at vm level ?

    no there is no such tool yet, but you can open a feature request here: while it's probably not hard implementing something like this, i guess it will be quite resource intensive for larger datastores (since it has to iterate over all backups and chunks)
  8. dcsapak

    PBS disk safe not releasing

    removing the backups will not free much space, you must run a garbage collection afterwards (note that it takes 24h + 5min after deletion for the unnecessary chunks to be deleted, see )
  9. dcsapak

    Gmail emails being blocked by KAM_SEXEMOJI

    looking at the configs you posted, it still should be fine... (it needs FREEMAIL_FROM and at least 4 of 5 markers it defines.. no idea why that should trigger falsely)
  10. dcsapak

    Failed to destroy vGPU device.

    yes that is probably the issue. IMHO the driver could just ignore a device that already disappeared, but i don't know the internals of the nvidia driver ofc. can you post the output of 'modinfo nvidia' and 'modinfo nvida_vgpu_vfio' ?
  11. dcsapak

    Failed to destroy vGPU device.

    yeah i already tried multiple times (through various channels) to contact nvidia if they want to give us drivers to test, but i never got a response.. (it's not really necessary nor practical for us to buy licenses, we literally only use it to test currently...) we had a trial license, but that...
  12. dcsapak

    Adding service to Web GUI

    no there's no configurable list of services for the gui, but feel free to open a feature request here: there we can better discuss/keep track of that issue (though i am not really convinced that use-case is enough to introduce such a config)
  13. dcsapak

    Failed to destroy vGPU device.

    sadly i don't currently have access to the newest drivers, so i can't really test that if what you write here is true, that's really bad, since nvidia seemingly tries to automatically manage the mdev devices on vm shutdown (which we do curently) and seemingly does not allow that manually...
  14. dcsapak

    [SOLVED] Clear Task Summery

    it's not really a database, but simply a structured directory tree with the task logs in it generally there are the files: active, index, and index.1 which contain task log upids (plus their endtimes + end states) and each task log file is in the directory of the last character in the 5th part...
  15. dcsapak

    Error listing snapshots - 500 read timeout

    what exactly is the problem you have? please post the relevant infos (datastore size, namespaces, etc), the commands you executed (or similar), the result, and what you expected
  16. dcsapak

    [SOLVED] Clear Task Summery

    no there is nothing configurable, you're only chance is to delete the files by hand (or script). they are in /var/log/pveproxy (the access logs) and /var/log/pve/tasks (the task logs)
  17. dcsapak

    [SOLVED] Clear Task Summery

    you mean for pve? no AFAIK there is no such knob, but the tasklog retention is far smaller there(i believe about 2000 tasks logs)
  18. dcsapak

    Gmail emails being blocked by KAM_SEXEMOJI

    mhmm.. can you check the file in /var/lib/spamassassin for that and check if it's the same as mine posted above?
  19. dcsapak

    spam report to user with single quarantine domain

    as i said you can only redirect the quarantine report for single users, but you could use the api/cli to script it yourself (see e.g. you can use the api on the cli with pmgsh)
  20. dcsapak

    [SOLVED] Backup fails with exit code 255

    i don't completely understand what you mean, in general it works like this: to add a PBS storage in PVE you must enter the credentials of a avalid user of PBS into the edit window in PVE that user must be configured in PBS with the correct permissions to access the given datastore so the pve...


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