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  1. VM I/O errors on all disks

    Same issue here with a Debian container. I could reliably get I/O errors when building a development project inside the container. This caused the root partition to remount read-only. Was also using virtio block over ZFS storage. Upgraded the pve-qemu-kvm_6.1.0-3 package linked by Tom and the...
  2. [SOLVED] pfSense VM slow throughput, high CPU mostly interrupts

    This has been solved - this thread is for anybody else who has the same problem and is searching for keywords. An upgrade to Proxmox 7.0 has tanked the performance of virtualized pfSense 2.5.2. Pre-upgrade a download of 100Mbps used about 20% VCPU and now can't reach that bandwidth even 50Mbps...
  3. PSA -- Do not upgrade to systemd 247

    Recurring theme. Thanks for the workaround.
  4. Proxmox VE 6.0 released!

    Could be memory fragmentation. KVM needs a contiguous piece of memory. If it's fragmented then you'll need to defrag. You could try "sysctl vm.compact_memory=1".
  5. [SOLVED] PVE 5.4-11 + Corosync 3.x: major issues

    Unfortunately my cluster has failed again even with pve2-test1. The cluster split into two subsets this time. First subset, two nodes. root@hera:~# pvecm status Quorum information ------------------ Date: Wed Aug 7 00:49:29 2019 Quorum provider: corosync_votequorum Nodes...
  6. [SOLVED] PVE 5.4-11 + Corosync 3.x: major issues

    I'm also seeing a much more stable PVE cluster with installed. I've got a 5 node cluster in a single VLAN and corosync was frequently "splitting" into subsets of nodes, e.g. root@maia# pvecm status Quorum information...
  7. Use case CephFS integration

    Yes, you can do this. I have VM and container images on Ceph RBD and shared network filesystems on CephFS. Here's how I configured mine: enabled metadata servers on three nodes created new pools "fs_data" on HDD (2-repl) and "fs_meta" on SSD (3-repl) created new cephfs using the two pools...


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