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  1. How to fix this: received packet on bond0 with own address as source address ?

    I am also experiencing this issue and would like to know exactly which setting you changed to make it work and where to add the "sleep 2" setting.
  2. NUC: Drivers for Intel AC-9462 wireless

    When I try to follow the steps here, it tells me that it needs to remove the following packages in order to install firmware-iwlwifi: 1) proxmox-ve [5.2-2 (now, stable)] 2) pve-firmware [2.0-4 (now, stable)] 3) pve-kernel-4.15 [5.2-1 (now, stable)] I assume that this would break the...
  3. bnx2: Can't load firmware file

    Is there anything else that I should do besides installing pve-headers? I am not able to make that NIC work for some reason, though my e1000 NIC works perfectly.
  4. bnx2: Can't load firmware file

    I am trying to do this but it is asking me to remove proxmox in order to install the firmware package. Is there a way around this?
  5. Should I install the ksmtuned package available in the apt repo?

    I noticed that I have the ability to download ksmtuned from the apt repo (it says that it is not installed on all 3 of my nodes) and that it plays a large part in balancing memory usage between VMs, but it also seems like I have config files for KSM and that ballooning/memory sharing is working...
  6. App Armor issues

    I recently have begun to get these messages in my logs as well as many more, every 30 minutes on the dot: Apr 30 21:39:01 <domain> audit[7632]: AVC apparmor="ALLOWED" operation="file_lock" profile="lxc-container-default-cgns" pid=7632 comm="(ionclean)" family="unix" sock_ty Apr 30 21:39:01...
  7. Optimizing proxmox

    I recommend testing with and without a ZIL/cache as well to see the differences.
  8. ZFS: Automatic Snapshot including RAM?

    My system uses ZFS and i have configured the package "zfs-auto-snapshot" to take a snapshot every 5 minutes of every layer of my zpool and then uses intelligent storage to keep 1 copy of each year, 2 monthly, 4 weekly, 7 daily, and 24 5 minute backups. I also have another node running ZFS that I...
  9. Optimizing proxmox

    I just ran this exact test on a couple of my drives for you since i have a very similar set up to you. I am currently running ZFS mirror with 2x 250gb Samsung 960 EVOs as my main OS and I ran the test on an ext4 formatted external HDD (Seagate Expansion 8tb) and an 860 EVO which is currently...
  10. Apparmor denies LXC startup operations from only certain containers.

    I apologize for taking so long to reply, a little more googling gave me the answer to silence the messages. I believe that they were due to the fact that i created a template of a general Ubuntu 17.10 container and made clones from it, so the file systems were still linked and that was causing a...
  11. Proxmox 5.1 won't boot on ZFS and 440AR in HBA mode (HP DL380 Gen9 server)

    Has there been any update on whether or not we can install Proxmox with ZFS in UEFI mode using an iso installer? I just got the NUC7CJYH and it doesn't support boot for legacy mode so I don't know how else I can install proxmox with ZFS.
  12. Apparmor denies LXC startup operations from only certain containers.

    I have been using the supplied templates (pveam downloads) for all of my containers and they are mostly built from the Ubuntu 17.10 template, though I have 2 that are built from the Ubuntu 16.04 template. The LXC containers built from the 16.04 template start just fine and have no issues with...


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