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  1. VNC Timeout

    Hey, Anyone of you might got an idea what the issue could be?
  2. VNC Timeout

    Hey, @Moayad do you got an idea on this? or anyone else? Thanks.
  3. VNC Timeout

    Hey, Oh sorry, I should have mention that. I am using as per documentation:{node}/qemu/{vmid}/vncproxy However, the code also appends ?websocket=1, using this since Proxmox 5.x. Removing websocket=1, despite not using websockets at all, just...
  4. VNC Timeout

    Hey, When I request a VNC session from Proxmox using the API, the timeout is pretty short with less than 5 seconds. Anybody got an idea if its possible to adjust it? So far I didn't find any way yet.... Regards, Ne00n
  5. IPv6-Adresse bei Strato

    Had the same Issue, partially copied from OVH, this one works for me. # This file describes the network interfaces available on your system # and how to activate them. For more information, see interfaces(5). source /etc/network/interfaces.d/* # The loopback network interface auto lo iface lo...
  6. Install Proxmox VE via recovery on So you Start (OVH) Server

    I tried your setup again with an older Proxmox 7.x iso seems to worked for now. Thanks!!!!
  7. Install Proxmox VE via recovery on So you Start (OVH) Server

    Please, read what I say. Not be confused with boo tang.
  8. Install Proxmox VE via recovery on So you Start (OVH) Server

    Did you read what I wrote? The server is not booting, it has nothing to do with the network configuration. And why the fuck, would I name an interface ens81, I would rather jump from the next bridge instead.
  9. Install Proxmox VE via recovery on So you Start (OVH) Server

    This worked for you? I got a machine using this way, still stuck on boot. It boots fine within the VM, don't have an IPMI so I can't figure out why. The Logs are giving me nothing, so I suspect same error as before and this one is not fixing it.
  10. [SOLVED] Random Crashes/Reboots mit Proxmox VE 6.1 auf EX62-NVME (Hetzner)

    We run the same hardware, Proxmox 6.x, today we had also a crash. Hetzner did offer to update the BIOS. Its not the first crash tho, will see how it goes.
  11. Kernel updates, where do I can get decent notifications?

    Sorry for the late reply. The Ubuntu USN's are exactly my problem. The changelog will only appear 3-5 days later when Proxmox already has patched the kernel. Is there any way you could inform us prior, that a security update for the kernel is on the way?
  12. Kernel updates, where do I can get decent notifications?

    Hey, Current method is, to watch the ubuntu update/security notifications and take actions when a security update which is relevant has been dropped. But the current method sucks balls. The current issue is, the latest Proxmox Kernel is from 15th February, while Ubuntu dropped notifications 3...
  13. Cluster dead after reboot

    Well, everything worked fine, until I restarted to many nodes at the same time. Why should that be tinc's fault? Everything worked before. I reboot a node, it fails back into not enough quonum state until i manually fix it by restarting the services. Well, these are based in 3 different data...
  14. Cluster dead after reboot

    Hey, It seems like it was a bad timing, I always made sure I just reboot one node and wait until its back. Running these commands seems to fixed the issue: service pve-cluster restart systemctl restart corosync However, when I reboot a single node, the node runs into the same issue again...
  15. Cluster dead after reboot

    Hey, I did configured a 3 Node cluster over tinc, about 10ms between the nodes. So after I rebooted the nodes to apply changes, the cluster broke up, into 3 nodes in Standalone mode. I attached screenshots, so you can take a look. Afterwards, I tried to check the status with: pvecm status It...
  16. pveproxy ignores localhost setting

    The Webinterface runs local as it should be, since I use a reverse proxy.
  17. pveproxy ignores localhost setting

    Here you go: I also tried to disable the spiceproxy since I dont need it but your guide to remove it from the autostart did not work anymore. Yeah and I took a look at the manuals but it does not really help.
  18. pveproxy ignores localhost setting

    I missed to mention that I mean the current stable release.


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