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  1. DELL PowerEdge loud with PROXMOX

    Hi Udo, What do you mean? Will the USB fail very quickly? I have seen that PROXMOX creates by default a SWAP partition I know this is not good for an USB but other than that what else could cause problems? Logs?
  2. DELL PowerEdge loud with PROXMOX

    The USB that is working is from the same brand but with a bigger body. I have tried with another USB with a small compact body from another brand. After a while the machine gets louder. Then I removed the USB from the front slot and put it in one slot on the back of the PowerEdge. The machine is...
  3. Problems getting SPICE/qxl to work under Ubuntu

    If you install either way a desktop environment why did you choose the server version? I would try directly with Ubuntu Desktop or another distro with Desktop Environment. Maybe there is some package you are missing. Have you checked the /var/log/spice-vdagent.log?
  4. Problems getting SPICE/qxl to work under Ubuntu

    I have tested 4 distros (Fedora, CentOS, Manjaro, Ubuntu) so far and only Fedora worked out of the box. Fedora worked nicely in the beginning but after I did an upgrade the display started to flicker. The resizing issue was somehow solved with this command on the guest: $ xrandr --output...
  5. DELL PowerEdge loud with PROXMOX

    @marsian,@fireon: Thanks for your replies! @marsian: I haven't seen high load in PROXMOX Web Interface. AFAIR I don't have iDRAC. @fireon: In "high performance" I can hear the fan. I have re-installed PROXMOX on another USB and booting now from it. So far the machine runs quietly, even with...
  6. DELL PowerEdge loud with PROXMOX

    Hi, I have installed PROXMOX on a USB and testing it on my server, a DELL PowerEdge T330, and left untouched my first boot partition with Ubuntu 16.04 on it. When I run Ubuntu the machine is very quiet, the fan works apparently in a very low speed at idle. It gets louder only either with load...
  7. Mounting existing ZFS datasets

    This particular pool is on an external device connected over USB. Maybe it would be possible to pass it through to a CT or a VM. I think not...
  8. Mounting existing ZFS datasets : Thanks for the quick response! I have over 15 nested datasets so it's not an option. I'm forced to do what I want directly in proxmox... I hope the developers extend the possible mount points.
  9. Mounting existing ZFS datasets

    @dietmar: Thanks for the quick response! This worked nicely for a shared dataset between proxmox and a CT. Now I'm trying to do the same with a whole ZFS pool with nested datasets in it. I have mounted the pool in proxmox and I can see all files in it. Then I created a mount point in the CT like...
  10. Mounting existing ZFS datasets

    Hi all, I run an Ubuntu machine with ZoL and docker and I want to move to PROXMOX and use my existing ZFS datasets in LXC CTs and VMs. In docker I can specify volumes where guest and host can share data. I'm trying to achieve the same in PROXMOX with LXC CTs using the Mount Option in Resources...
  11. [SOLVED] Disk images & Containers on ZFS Datasets and ZFS Volumes?

    Thanks for the reply. So it takes care of the datasets and volumes. OK. Got it. Thanks!!!
  12. [SOLVED] Disk images & Containers on ZFS Datasets and ZFS Volumes?

    Hi all, I have recently installed PROXMOX and I want to use it together with a ZFS pool primarily for backups. So the idea is to install borg on a VM or on a LXC container or even on a docker container and store my backups from some machines on ZFS datasets. I have created the ZFS pool as well...
  13. How to copy & paste in PROXMOX terminals?

    Thanks for the quick response! It has worked over ssh!
  14. How to copy & paste in PROXMOX terminals?

    Hi all, I've recently installed the latest PROXMOX version without creating a new VM and I'm having following issue: I want to copy a part from a command output in the terminal to build a new command. I have tried with noVNC but I can only copy from the terminal to the clipboard. So how can it...


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