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  1. Proxmox for Beginners

    ----> Important Notice <----- In March 2018 I wrote about the many obstacles installing Proxmox on a HP Z420, see my very first input in this thread. Now - 7 months and a lot of hardware shuffling later - I can see it clear. It was entirely my fault. I tried to install Proxmox on a unused but 4...
  2. Hardware Issue Proxmox with HP Z420

    For my first install of VE 5.1 in early 2018 I bought 2 workstations HP Z420 with Xeon 1620 (8 core). First I got plenty of problems while installing. Flashing red lines in the first boot etc. After working hard on that I managed to install VE on that 2 servers. Unfortunately I had to experience...
  3. Proxmox for Beginners

    Sorry to be impertinent, for non subscriptionists these line is a must. Maybe you can agree on that. And for your interest: I bought a subscription, but only 3 days ago, so most of the time I trained with non subscription. It is to early for me to suggest improvements of the docu. Of course I...
  4. Proxmox for Beginners

    I agree 100% with what you say. A complex thing like Proxmox with its Linux roots cannot be learned in 5 weeks. As you put it " scratching the surface". And your english: Superb, could not tell it from a native speaker.
  5. Proxmox for Beginners

    You acknowledge this line in the Proxmox Package Repositories Recommandations deb stretch pve-no-subscription This is the most important line of /etc/apt/sources.list. And you have to move this into that file by hand. It is not shipped with the current...
  6. Proxmox for Beginners

    So we experience different stories. I used 2 pc HP Z420 with 32g EEC and XEON CPU and the ZFS option in the install routine leads every time into the underwoods of linux. And I tested it many times in different configurations of the 4 disks, that each server has. Maybe its a HP z420 specific...
  7. Proxmox for Beginners

    The last 5 weeks I struggled countless hours to get a pair of 2 Proxmox 5.1 servers running. To get an impression of the catches I went into, here is an uncomplete list of the major timewasters: 1. Frist I tried to install PVE 5.1 on a mirrored pair of ZFS disks. As you all know, that will lead...


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