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  1. Nachfolger für HP Microserver Gen8

    Das Gehäuse hat 1x 3,5" hochkant an der Seite + 1x 3,5" ODER 2x 2,5" auf dem Boden. Also wenn du da 2x 3,5" HDDs reinpackst, dann passen keine 2,5" SSDs mehr rein. Außer du findest irgendwo einen freien Platz und kelbst die mit Doppelseitigem Klebeband an irgendeine freie Fläche. Außerdem wird...
  2. Read-only file system

    For backing up/restorong the PVE host configs in case you can access the data but PVE won'T boot any longer or pve-cluster service wont work anymore:
  3. Proxmox VM and the two nics

    If you want to backup the data on the TrueNAS VM itself, I would use replication and not rsync. Yes, you just shouldn't add multiple NICs of a OS to the same subnet.
  4. Proxmox VM and the two nics

    You shouldn't have two IPs in the same subnet unless you know what you are doing and you set up some additional routes. This will confuse the OS and might screw up routing. Why do you need two vNICs in the same subnet? What re you trying to accomplish?
  5. Warum Disks in VM so langsam?

    Hast du mal eine höhere volblocksize versucht? Bei ashift=12 und 6 disks im raid10 würde es es mit einer 8K oder 16K volblocksize versuchen. ZFS wird aber immer langsamer sein, da dort Datenintegrität und nicht Performance im Fokus ist. Und selbst bei deinem Passthrough ist es kein echtes...
  6. Proxmox whis openmediavault problem

    Not sure how PVE handles iSCSI. But would wonder if PVE only looks for local physical disks and not for remote iSCSI. You might need to manually add that iSCSI disk and partition it.
  7. Proxmox whis openmediavault problem

    "Datacenter -> Storage -> Add -> LVM" will only add an existing LVM as a LVM storage. It won't create a LVM for you. Did you manually create that LVM, VG before trying to add it?
  8. Tiered storage for PMBackup pools?

    Its also possible to have two Datastores (one on the SSD pool, one on the HDD pool) on the same server and then set up localhost as a target. That way you can use the sync task, as described above, to sync your backups locally from your SSD datastore to your HDD datastore. But if you got the...
  9. What backup solution to use

    In addition to that. You can also sync two PBS servers, so the offsite PBS pulls the backup snapshots from the onsite PBS. If you then set up tokens with limited privileges (only restore and backup but not prune) and a custom pruning task on the offsite PBS you also get protection against...
  10. Größe der PVE Disk?

    Backups würde ich außerdem nicht auf den selben Disks wie deine VMs speichern. Jedenfalls nicht, wenn du die Backups nicht noch woanders hin syncst. Sonst verliest du dann beim Array-Verlust gleichzeitig sowohl deine VMs als auch deren Backups. Wenn das 2x 1TB HW Raid deine einzigen Disks sind...
  11. Anfängerfrage: was ist ZFS und wie setze ich es ein?

    Ja, geht aber auch mit deutlich weniger. Ich habe hier auch Server, die haben 32TB Rohkapazität aber der ganze Server hat nur 16GB RAM, wovon dann bestimmt noch gute 6GB für Services und OS draufgehen. Und in manchen PVE Servern habe ich den ARC sogar auf 2-4GB gedrosselt, da ist die...
  12. Wer klaut meinen RAM? :-)

    Immer gerne verlinkt: Ruf am besten mal free -h auf, wenn dein RAM-Vebrauch hoch ist. Sehr wahrscheinlich wird der dann einfach vom Linux Caching belegt, was sich in einem hohen Wert unter "buff/cache" zeigen sollte.
  13. Share Storage between LXC

    LXCs sind unschön für große Datenmengen. Jedenfalls wenn man inkrementelle Backups mit PBS machen will. Sagen wir von den 200 GB Fotos sind nur 1GB seit dem letzten Backup neu hinzugekommen. Eine VM müsste dann nur 1GB einlesen und hashen und 1GB senden. Ein LXC müsste die vollen 200GB hashen...
  14. ZFS causing hight load on CPU

    I don't see the point using ZFS in your case. ZFS sacrifices a lot of resources and performance for additional reliability and data integrity. You disabled sync writes and you are not using any redundacy, so you clearly don't care about your data and you just want best performance, no matter of...
  15. What backup solution to use

    TrueNAS Core can also run VMs. Got a TrueNAS Core here running a PBS VM.
  16. What backup solution to use

    PBS also runs in a TrueNAS VM if you install it on top of Debian (PBS ISO installer only showed a black screen). That way you can also use that PBS to backup your PVE Node configs/system disks. For TrueNAS itself I would use a second TrueNAS server and setup replication.
  17. Expand PBS storage

    Jup, so think of a verify of a 32TB virtual disk like random reading 16,000,000x 2MB files. HDD are just technically bad at doing small random IO. MDRAID or HW raid won't help you other with random reading millions over millions of small chunk files.
  18. Expand PBS storage

    See the manual: Especially: But caching won't help you much with verify tasks. If your single backup is 32TB, it won't be faster to verify unless you got a L2ARC that can fit 32TB. It primarily helps with metadata, so the GC task...
  19. Beginner searches for advice regarding storage (simple solution, low power usage)

    WD Reds are not Enterprise SSDs and are lacking important features like better write durability and power-loss protection for ZFS. But yes, I personally would use a ZFS pool with some parity data like a mirror. That way I get the bit rot protection so my data isn't corrupting over time, I don't...
  20. Beginner searches for advice regarding storage (simple solution, low power usage)

    If you only care about power consumption or best performance and not about downtime or data integrity just get a single NVMe and use it with LVM. Otherwise I would buy a UPS, two enterprise SATA SSDs for a ZFS mirror and skip the NVMe SSD.


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