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  1. Proxmox VE 5.0 beta1 released!

    Thank you for your quick reply... Ok, I'll go with the 5.0 beta.. Do the sources files (for apt) need to be changed to a stable repo? I also see that some people wrote about a "dist-upgrade"? In my case, will it be necessary to run a dist-uppgrade, or regular apt-get upgrade will it be enough...
  2. Proxmox VE 5.0 beta1 released!

    Hello, I will probably ask a very noob question.. If I go with this 5.0 beta 1, how the upgrade will happen when the stable 5.0 release will be issued? Will I need to reinstall, or will it be possible to just run an apt-get upgrade? In other words, starting with this beta, will I end up after...
  3. Home Lab Project

    Again thank you for your answer.. Actually I have some basic knowledge in networking (but further resources are welcome).. And indeed I did not represent Layer 2 to 3 equipements (aka routers and switches, hubs will be ignored). The router shown in the diagram is actually a physical one (a...
  4. Home Lab Project

    Hello sC.. Thank you for your answer.. I assume that this is relevant for the addressing type provided by my ISP ? I have an IPv4 address so I imagine that I'm under IPv4.. But I guess that this does not matter inside my cluster since it is a "private" network.. I man inside my "cluster" I can...
  5. Home Lab Project

    Hello Everyone.. I'm going to start a really big thread ! I hope some cool guys will help me to achieve my home lab adventure ! ;) I recently get a dell powerdge T110 II server : Xeon E3-1220 16 Gb RAM 256 SSD 2To HDD Intel Gb NICs x2 (one integrated and one as PCI card) But as picture is...
  6. [SOLVED] SSH Permission denied for a container but not for the baremetal

    My bad.. I didn't notice the sshd_config.. And indeed, there was this line for my container : PermitRootLogin without-password And this one in the one from the PVE : PermitRootLogin yes So I changed this line and everything worked.. Many thanks and sorry for my inattention !
  7. [SOLVED] SSH Permission denied for a container but not for the baremetal

    Yes I think so.. The LXC container is a debian 8 template without any modification. And as I said before the content of the ssh_config file is exactly the same that the one I have in the PVE. The content of the file (which are only 4 lines uncommented) is shown in the first post..
  8. [SOLVED] SSH Permission denied for a container but not for the baremetal

    Thank you for your reply... I used the GUI of the web interface.. And indeed I provided a password which work when I'm login in in the container from the console (the shell of the container I use from the web interface). But I tried using the "pct enter ID" and I was able to use the CLI of the...
  9. [SOLVED] SSH Permission denied for a container but not for the baremetal

    Hello, I'm excited to start working with ProxMox.. I'm actually trying to host a multi purpose server at home. So I managed to install ProxMox (baremetal) and I'm able to access it via SSH from a laptop. Then I installed and run my first LXC container (debian 8) and I'm pretty amazed about...


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