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  1. Migration fails (PVE 6.2-12): Query migrate failed

    I just encounter a similar issue. Proxmox, up to date, VM Ubuntu 20.04 with qemu-guest-agent activated. During migration, VM just stopped. I'll disable all guest-agents on vm's and see if the problem remains.
  2. RAID0 ZFS over hardware RAID

    Always is a good ideea to have backups. :) Multumesc/ Thank you.
  3. RAID0 ZFS over hardware RAID

    I'll ask them to reconfigure the array, I know that is just crazzy. But the question remains, is ok to use RAID0 ZFS on a hardware RAID? :)
  4. RAID0 ZFS over hardware RAID

    Looks like. It's not my creation. I'm just the software guy. :)
  5. RAID0 ZFS over hardware RAID

    Hello, everyone. I have to setup an Proxmox VE 6.2 cluster that use local disks as storage for VM's (KVM). The local storage is an hardware raid array (8 HDD in RAID0 on a Dell PERC H70 mini). We would like to use the live migration feature with this local storage that is available on ZFS only...
  6. Error on Boot up: A start job is running for Activation of LVM2 logical volumes

    I have the same problem here. Boot is stuck on "A job is running..." Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  7. clean old kernels

    @fabian , I'm sure that you know better proxmox than me. I did'nt had any problems so far. Well, from the whole command line, he can use, hopefully safe, apt-get autoremove && apt-get autoclean :)
  8. Move 600Gig vm from 3.4 to 5

    Yes. Click on the node, click on the VM you want to move, go to hardware, select the VM disk, click on the button above called Move disk, select Target Storage (in this case, the nfs server) and hit Move disk.
  9. 2 node cluster + CEPH

    # POC Environment — Can have a minimum of 3 physical nodes with 10 OSD’s each. This provides 66% cluster availability upon a physical node failure and 97% uptime upon an OSD failure. RGW and Monitor nodes can be put on OSD nodes but this may impact performance and not recommended for...
  10. 2 node cluster + CEPH

    Minimum for Ceph is 3 nodes but not recomended for production. You should use at least 6 nodes, 2 osd each and an enteprise ssd for bluestore db. Hardware, CPU 1 core for each OSD, 1GB RAM for each 1TB of OSD, 3 gigabit network cards, one for proxmox network, two for ceph network (bond). Do...
  11. clean old kernels

    apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade && apt-get -y dist-upgrade && apt-get -y autoremove && apt-get -y autoclean
  12. Auto Scalability Feature

    There is a plugin for WHMCS for that. I have no ideea if and how it works. If there is someone on this forum that is using it, maybe could share some info. ;)
  13. Move 600Gig vm from 3.4 to 5

    1. Mount the same nfs server on each proxmox node (on v3.4 and on v5.1). 2. Move disk of the vm from the usually storage you are using on prox 3.4 to the nfs server. 3. Copy the vm conf (/etc/pve/qemu-server/) from the prox 3.4 to prox 5.1 4. Power down the vm on prox 3.4 5. Power up the vm on...
  14. Configuring Ceph Object Gateway

    Hello, Yes. And works fine near the Proxmox Cluster. Check this out,
  15. Activate Ceph Object Storage

    I found a nice tutorial called Adding S3 capabilities to Proxmox, that I followed step by step and all works fine. Proxmox Virtualization Environment (VE) is an outstanding virtualization platform. It has a number of great features that you don't get in many other enterprise platforms. One...
  16. Activate Ceph Object Storage

    Thanks for the answers. Unofficial, any ideea how to install ceph radosgw on an existing proxmox ceph node? PS: I know that you are not supporting that configuration. ;)
  17. Activate Ceph Object Storage

    So, one of the solutions is to create a non-proxmox ceph cluster and add it to the proxmox compute node as an external rbd.
  18. Activate Ceph Object Storage

    That's block storage. Ceph Luminous is capable to function as an object storage, via web API (RADOS Gateway), similar to Amazon S3, Swift... Oficial Ceph tutorial to configure block storage can be found here and here. Is there a way, to activate it in a Proxmox Ceph Cluster and transform a...


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