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  1. Cannot migrate a VM: Bitmap already exists

    Hi all, one Virtual Machine is replicated from node02-i to node03-i, and the replication is successfully running: I'm now trying to migrate this VM to `node03-i` but the replication is failing with this error: 2022-12-23 17:42:14 starting migration of VM 208 to node 'node03-i'...
  2. AMD Ryzen 9 5950X keeps rebooting with one specific guest

    Thanks! If I understand well, your guests machine were crashing and not the host, is it sure? Are you be able to migrate VMs between Intel and AMD nodes without reboot after changing to kvm64+aes?
  3. AMD Ryzen 9 5950X keeps rebooting with one specific guest

    Thanks! I will try! Which problems did you have with Windows+AMD?
  4. AMD Ryzen 9 5950X keeps rebooting with one specific guest

    Hi, I have a Proxmox VE 7.2 cluster with some Intel and some AMD nodes. I have several virtual machine, one of this is running Windows 2019 Standard with 64 Gb RAM and 8 vCores. I moved this Windows 2019 VM from one Intel to one AMD node, and from that point the AMD node began to restart...
  5. PVE cluster on remote nodes with tinc unusable

    Hi, I created a PVE cluster connecting nodes using Tinc on a gigabit connection on Hetzner. This is needed because I'm going to migrate all VMs to new nodes and I want to do so incrementally using the built-in PVE replication. For this reason I wanted to connect old and new nodes in a cluster...
  6. Cannot run migrate VMs on node - unable to connect to VM qmp socket

    It's true, but it's strange that other VMs start and migrate without any problems. Anyway, I will reboot with the new kernel and check again. Thank you!
  7. Cannot run migrate VMs on node - unable to connect to VM qmp socket

    Hi, I am experiencing many problems on one node of my Proxmox cluster. Some containers are locked by backup (but no backups are running on that node), and one VM is not booting, nor from the hard disk: and even not from a rescue boot CD: I tried to migrate that VM to another node but the...
  8. Nested virtualization very slow: Intel vs AMD thoughts

    Hi. For the purpose of creating a testing and development environment I need a virtual machine which hosts a Virtualbox installation. For this reason I enabled the nested virtualization following instructions at on two different physical hosts...
  9. VM hangs or corrupts during nightly backups

    Thanks! Should I restart every VM (I will reboot hosts later)? Thank you!
  10. VM hangs or corrupts during nightly backups

    Hi, I'm experiencing a very big issue on some virtual machines which I found hanged or with corrupted file system especially in the morning at the beginning of the working hours (corrupted file system means that I need to reboot the VM and launch fsck to fix). These problems are happening on...
  11. Why backups are not pruned?

    I really don't know. The storage is on an iSCSI volume on a Synology NAS, so it should be safe and stable. I understand that some chunks are not readable or available for some reason, but perhaps @dcsapak could explain us.
  12. Why backups are not pruned?

    Thanks dcsapak for your answer! Now the backups are pruned, perhaps the last prune did not run well: But the datastore is almost full anyway: Is there a way to understand how much data are physically occupied by each backup? I know that this could be difficult due to the way PBS saves...
  13. Why backups are not pruned?

    Hi, I configured the garbage collection as following: All my backups from PVE are daily, so with this configuration I expect having 7 backups at maximum, but even after manually running the garbage collection I see this situation: 47 backups only for one VM is not what I expect. When I...
  14. Slow backups from NFS share

    Yes, it's a slow network because for now I'm backing up these data on a remove PBS Server, so the uplink is 200 Mbit/sec. I know this is not a good situation, but I'm wondering why PBS should transfer the whole data everytime. These data are incremental and does not change so much, so an...
  15. Slow backups from NFS share

    11 days and this is expected? Really?? if there is no way to speed up the backup, this means that Proxmox Backup Server is not usable for other things than VMs :-(
  16. Slow backups from NFS share

    Hi, I'm using Proxmox Backup Client on a Debian virtual machine on Proxmox VE to backup a quite large NFS share (~ 10 Tb) mounted on the VM. The backup works, but it's very slow. First backup took a very long time (~ 12 days) and it's expected, but even next backups are taking so long: at the...
  17. [SOLVED] "unexpected error on datastore traversal" error during garbage collection

    Apparently the file system was corrupted, I solved running a fsck.
  18. [SOLVED] "unexpected error on datastore traversal" error during garbage collection

    Hi, I'm running Proxmox Backup Server 1.1-2, with storage on iSCSI. Backups are running without problems, but I cannot prune any old backup because I get this error: 2021-04-28T07:33:53+02:00: starting garbage collection on store mydatastore 2021-04-28T07:33:53+02:00: Start GC phase1 (mark...
  19. ZFS big overhead

    So do you expect more than 50% overhead (the volume is occupied by about 15 Tb and it's taking 25,5 Tb of effective disk space)? It's 66% overhead! Even if the ZFS pool is thin provisioned into PVE? How I can exit of this bad situation? Thank you very much!


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