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  1. Adding an Enterprise NVME to Proxmox for VMs

    but I shouldn't have ZFS from one NVME. I am not splashing out another £390 for an enterprise just to have a ZFS mirror for homelab ;) Any suggestions then? This NVME is to run PostgreSQL and host Proxmox VMs.
  2. Adding an Enterprise NVME to Proxmox for VMs

    I have gone with performance so LVM-Thin... Datacenter -> Node -> Disks -> LVM-thin -> Create Thin pool It will be a classic backup strategy to make sure I don't loose data :) As always, Thanks for your input! Learnt a lot from you.
  3. Adding an Enterprise NVME to Proxmox for VMs

    Hi All, I just received a HGST SN260 3.84T enterprise NVME to host VMs within Proxmox. How do I connect it to Proxmox? What would you recommend? A directory mount or LVM-THIN or something else?? What's your favourite? thanks
  4. ERROR: Backup of VM failed - job failed with err -5 - Input/output error

    Hi, I am unable to take a backup of my pfSense VM. About 50% and it throughs the error: INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 100 --storage backup --compress zstd --notes-template '{{guestname}} deploy to local-lvm' --remove 0 --node pve --mode snapshot INFO: Starting Backup of VM 100 (qemu)...
  5. How find KVM version

    Hi, I am trying to download Nvidia vgpu drivers. There are quite a few available for different Linux KVM versions. How to find out KVM version for proxmox so that I could download the right versions for my proxmox? Thanks
  6. [SOLVED] Q: How best to work with cloud-init and lxc ?

    we do but I prefer VMs (depending on your workload) or docker from a security stand point.
  7. [SOLVED] Q: How best to work with cloud-init and lxc ?

    You can use mini cloud images (available both for Ubuntu and Rocky) as vm-templates in the proxmox and spin them up whenever you like. The best thing is whenever you will spin up a new VM off of it, it will be updated to the latest version
  8. iSCSI ZFS ZVOL VolBlocksize for Windows & Linux VMs

    so what you guys are volblocksize for ZVOL passed to Proxmox using iSCSI to create VMs on? Do you guys use NFS for it? If yes then what's the ZFS dataset record size you're using for it? thanks
  9. iSCSI ZFS ZVOL VolBlocksize for Windows & Linux VMs

    Hi, I am creating z ZVOL to pass it as an iSCSI device to proxmox so that I could create windows/linux VMs on it. As we know that ZVOL volblocksize (if you get it wrong) can cause padding overheads as well as performance hits! I know, if you wish to run a VM with EXT4 or NTFS, It doesn't...
  10. ZFS pool layout and limiting zfs cache size

    Hi, last couple of questions: I want to run Windows VMs via iSCSI on proxmox, would you recommend 4K block size since NTFS writes with 4K? Ubuntu using ext4 will also write with 4K chunks so a volblocksize of 4 would also work better? I know VMware (VDI) is typically using around 24-32K but...
  11. ZFS pool layout and limiting zfs cache size

    I have SEAGATE ST800FM0053 SSD drives. It's data sheet states: User-selectable logical block size (512, 520, 524, 528, 4096, 4160, 4192, or 4224 bytes per logical block) But when I do: root@truenas[~]# diskinfo -v da9 da9 512 # sectorsize 800166076416...
  12. ZFS pool layout and limiting zfs cache size

    Finally, my quest is over! I am making a YouTube video, I will mention your name :) Thanks for helping me.
  13. ZFS pool layout and limiting zfs cache size

    yup, super clear on this by now :) This was calculated using the formula: (TotalNumberOfDrives - ParityDrives) * DiskSize * 0.8 `zvol` datasets as we already know have extra padding + parity loss on top of actual useable space. So I calculate the total useable space as normal using your above...
  14. ZFS pool layout and limiting zfs cache size

    Thank you for clarification but then your numbers are still not matching up :(. I am loosing my hairs lolo_O For example: In this spreadsheet that I created. usable space @ 100% datasets column "i" is showing what you already calculated except for one cell. So I am not bothered about that. But...
  15. ZFS pool layout and limiting zfs cache size

    This is awesome!! Thank you so much for explaining it. However, it's not tallying up what we already discussed previously? You mentioned that there was no `padding loss` if you had `5x 800 GB raidz1 @ 32K volblocksize`. According to the spreadsheet, Column C (because the total number of disks...
  16. ZFS pool layout and limiting zfs cache size

    Sorry for being a pain but how do you work out which part is parity and which part is padding?? Here is the formula for example: =((CEILING($A4+$A$3*FLOOR(($A4+B$3-$A$3-1)/(B$3-$A$3)),2))/$A4-1)/((CEILING($A4+$A$3*FLOOR(($A4+B$3-$A$3-1)/(B$3-$A$3)),2))/$A4) What baffling me is that the...
  17. ZFS pool layout and limiting zfs cache size

    Hi after a whole year again :) I am not sure if you're still around helping people but I am trying to recreate your numbers using a spreadsheet. I do not understand (now) how you were able to separate out parity from padding from the spreadsheet? Lastly, how do you come up with 8K random write...
  18. [SOLVED] Shrink "local" partition at installation stage

    that's exactly what I needed to know. Cheers mate
  19. [SOLVED] Shrink "local" partition at installation stage

    thanks, I can see it offers options such as swapsize, maxroot, minfree, maxvz but I have no clue where to adjust local and local-lvm?? no idea what the listed options are for anyway
  20. [SOLVED] Shrink "local" partition at installation stage

    Hi, I have a 1TB SSD. If I use the default installation using the whole drive then it assigns 100GB to local partition, where I could only upload the ISO images and container templates. And the second partition local-lvm is the remaining 800GB for VMs. I think 100GB for ISO images it too much...


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