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  1. [SOLVED] Win10 VM showing error 43 for Quadro 4000

    I installed Davinci Resolve to check if the card is recognised correctly and it seems to be. I just have one minor issue: I was hoping to use the VM for development in Android Studio where I use a Software Emulator to emulate an Android device. This works really fast on native machines like a...
  2. [SOLVED] Win10 VM showing error 43 for Quadro 4000

    Adding initcall_blacklist=sysfb_init in /etc/default/grub solved the issue. I did not have to do any extra stuff in modprobe.d. My card is now shown in Task Manager.
  3. [SOLVED] Win10 VM showing error 43 for Quadro 4000

    Thanks for the fast reply. If I can chose the PCI card to use it as hardware for the VM in the proxmox configuration, does this mean I might not need to disable it for proxmox itself? Or is it normal that I can chose the card for a VM which is actually at that time used by the host?
  4. [SOLVED] Win10 VM showing error 43 for Quadro 4000

    To be exact, it is a Quadro K4000. Well, maybe I just need the driver from NVIDIA?
  5. [SOLVED] Win10 VM showing error 43 for Quadro 4000

    I migrated my proxmox VMs to new hardware, a Dell Workstation with Xeon E5-2683 v3 on 2 sockets (14 cores each). So, I have kernel 5.15.74-1-pve with proxmox 7.3-3. I have a Windows 10 VM I backuped and restored. I added the PCI card for the "new" Quadro 4000 to the vm. In this VM I can see...
  6. How to move physical host to new network with new gateway?

    Thank you very much for the detailed response. I did not have two NICs but that is going to happen in the future. :) I successfully used the GUI to change /etc/hosts and the vmbr0 interface with changes to the gateway and it worked fine in the second LAN. However, I wonder if a dynamic setting...
  7. How to move physical host to new network with new gateway?

    Thanks, but actually I read that before and it does not fit my case because the gateway doesn't change.
  8. How to move physical host to new network with new gateway?

    I have a gateway and the host has an assigned Ip in that LAN. Now I want to move the physical host to a new LAN with a range and the new gateway will be Is it enough to change those settings in Proxmox/System/Network where I have my...
  9. Slow boot times with lxc

    Still relevant (e.g. if you change fixed IP setting to DHCP and did not think about your router not handing out ipv6). Thanks!
  10. How to setup Ubuntu in VM with RDP?

    I am running Windows with GPU passthrough on my Proxmox 7.1 but when I try to create an Ubuntu VM I fail. Are there any basic differences I have to think of? Currently, my xrdp is not working well, and I am also not able to shutdown the VM from the proxmox GUI sometimes.
  11. [update] Wake (and other) on LAN for VMs (v0.3)

    Yes, I am sorry! My mac did attach the ending by itself. I wrote about it in German on my post.
  12. Warum immer "local" und nicht "local-lvm"

    Dieser Thread ist alt, aber interessant. Ich frage mich, warum `df` mir etwas anderes zeigt als die Proxmox GUI. Müsste denn meine sda3 nicht angezeigt weden?
  13. Performance on 1150 and 1151v1

    Thanks for hinting me to Parsec. I now understand that RDP is not made for video. It is not a problem. But I still wonder why Android Studio is so laggy in a big project. Maybe it really needs a CPU >= Generation 8 to feel good.
  14. Performance on 1150 and 1151v1

    Thanks for the reply! I will try. But if it is more performant when watching from a physical monitor attached to the GPU, would there be any way to change the RDP setup so the GPU will be used more efficiently?
  15. Performance on 1150 and 1151v1

    I am running Proxmox on 1150 and 1151 motherboards (because I had them). The 1151 I run with an i5 6500 CPU with 24 GB RAM. It is a Shuttle Barebone from 2015. I am connecting via RDP and use an Nvidia GT 710 as PCI passthrough device. I only have one VM so far, running Windows 10. I am...
  16. Vorlagen - Template für LXC Container

    Wenn ich dort Ubuntu 21 auswähle und installiere, dann kann ich mich über die Shell einloggen, aber `startx` startet keine Desktopumgebung. Klar, das Template hat ja auch nur 120 MB. Aber kann ich denn so auch ein komplettes OS mit Desktop Environment installieren? Ich muss mich vermutlich zu CT...
  17. Vorlagen - Template für LXC Container

    Kann man das denn auch über die GUI steuern? Ich habe keine Probleme mit dem Terminal, aber wenn es eine GUI Option gibt würde ich die nutzen. Momentan ist mir noch unklar, wie ich die Templates runterlade, um sie dann beim Anlegen auswählen zu können. EDIT: Ach, jetzt sehe ich es ja...
  18. How to configure Windows Server 2019 for a handfull of RDP users?

    I instaled the 180 day trial version with Desktop Experience.
  19. How to configure Windows Server 2019 for a handfull of RDP users?

    Ok, so even if I setup new users that are able to connect via RDP simultaneously to the VM then, I have the feeling this is not the right setup. The new users will have a "server-like" GUI. How do I set them up to be just normal Windows RDP users with a GUI similar to Windows Home or Pro? EDIT...
  20. How to configure Windows Server 2019 for a handfull of RDP users?

    I successfully managed passthrough for my GT710 on an old LGA1150 motherboard and I am running Windows 10 via RDP with Android Studio and a working Emulator inside the VM. I now wanted to check if I could also use Windows Server 2019 for this. It would also be good because that way I could share...


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