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  1. all server have same disk serial number.

    Hi All, I was found solition on forum "" Can you add this serial number change issue to Proxmox User Interface ?
  2. all server have same disk serial number.

    Hi All, I was install 3 Windows 2019 server to my Proxmox host and I was add 3 disk to each server for testing some think. But as your see attached picture file all server have same disk serial nummber, do you know why ? also how I can change if it possible. ( For your information : All server...
  3. [SOLVED] 6.4 Fresh install network config not work.

    Ok this is now work.. Thanks for your assitance.. Debian GNU/Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by applicable law. root@node1:~# apt install ifupdown2 Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Suggested...
  4. [SOLVED] 6.4 Fresh install network config not work.

    I was reinstall entire system and result same. root@node1:~# apt update Get:1 buster/updates InRelease [65.4 kB] Get:2 buster/updates/main amd64 Packages [289 kB] Get:3 buster/updates/main Translation-en [149 kB]...
  5. [SOLVED] 6.4 Fresh install network config not work.

    Hi All, I was fresh install with "proxmox-ve_6.4-1.iso" after that I was try install "ifupdown2" via "apt install ifupdown2" but proxmox server told to me --------------- root@node1:~# apt install ifupdown2 Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state...
  6. ZFS on Proxmox and VM

    Best practic is do not use local storage on Host side because hyperconverged bull shit on real usage... On Vmware side, firstly Vmware suggest to all if you will use hyperconnverged solition with VSAN please sparate your VSAN node from Guest nde other wise you can not be sure about services...
  7. 150mb/sec on a NVMe x3 ceph pool

    Do not use; auth_client_required = cephx auth_cluster_required = cephx auth_service_required = cephx Look forum, you will found some info about that... For MTU, maybe 1500 better than 9000 for more IO, 9000 means that ethernet will be allow 9000 bits/s packet but that is not...
  8. 150mb/sec on a NVMe x3 ceph pool

    Disable cephx, then performance should be up... Also use 10 Gigabit network for frontet and backhend if only that clsuter use that ceph...
  9. Backup Server

    Yep I am sure that backup server working with very slow disk, I think that problem saused from that..
  10. High CPU usage on ZFS

    ZVOL make that :) and not caused from compress... This is my personel suggestion, use LVM :).
  11. The best disk configuration for two arrays

    I think you will use stanalone mode on that two server wthouth cluster, because if you will build serius system with proxmox and full redundancy you must build 3 server. So if you will be use cluster then do not use raid card, basicly build CEPH ( need 3 cluster for correct work and radundancy...
  12. NVME over Fabric

    If I am not wrong, ZFS not provaide Aplication Avare backup maybe I am wrong but in past I never see any client application for SQL or other aplication ... If I am wrong please fix me.. So you using NVME over FC san Storage it should be that storage snapshoot system better than ZFS backup/sync...
  13. NVME over Fabric

    ZFS is not Cluster aware system, you can use normal LUN but this time you should be have thin provisioning on sotorage side because Proxmox also not support Thin provisioning system on shared system. Other point, ZFS for local disk not for ISCSI/FC connection.. I want another question to you...
  14. Random crashing/freezing

    If your motherboard was support, use your ram single mode..
  15. Random crashing/freezing

    You screen was gone and ext4 system experiacne some problem.. With your screenshot like memory hardware problem also heat will cause this problem..
  16. RAM full?!

    I don't want to get into an argument, that is your selection and that is all... but for your question.. LVM is a block device so what you want you can make on your guest operating system, this way never effect your general services quality.. For ZFS or any other cache/buffer based disk system...
  17. Random crashing/freezing

    Like memory hardware problem...


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