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  1. Ceph konfiguration "which node is on which USV" for ideal replication?

    Thank @aaron you for all the details! For PVE: The reality is a 3+3+1 setup, so Quorum wise for PVE it works all as expected (I just simplified it for above Cepth question) - and yes I already have HA here on this basis (just with glusterfs). And yes the goal is to allow one "room" (aka also...
  2. Ceph konfiguration "which node is on which USV" for ideal replication?

    Hi All, I have a 6 node proxmox setup with Intel Nucs in my house as HA cluster. Currently I use Glusterfs to provide a shared FS, but I think about changing to Ceph. The Nucs are spread over 3 places in the house with own USVs and in sum provide a big "distributed replicated storage" - that...
  3. Proxmox VE 7.0 released!

    Onwe question because I'm about to also migrate: Is such a "network interface renaming" also likely fpor intel Nuc machines? Right now the interface is called "eno1"
  4. Proxmox VE 7.0 released!

    I have run the pve6to7 script and have for all my VMs and LXCs such warnings: INFO: Checking storage content type configuration.. WARN: VM 104 - volume 'glusterfs-container:104/vm-104-disk-0.qcow2' (unreferenced) - storage does not have content type 'images' configured. WARN: CT 312 - volume...
  5. [SOLVED] Any more NUC users with unusable watchdog here?

    Hey, I exchanged the NUC5PPYH in the meantime, but had one working some weeks ago without any issues.
  6. InfluxDB 2.0 compatibility

    Ok, I correct myself ... seems to be in the latest version ... I get at least the UI fields :-)
  7. InfluxDB 2.0 compatibility

    Would also be my question @t.lamprecht ... I did not saw on any bigger changelog so far (or me blind :-)) )
  8. [SOLVED] Problems on shutdown/boots with nfs/glusterfs Filesystems and HA containers / systemd order of services!

    As an additional information. Starting with glusterfs 8 they introduced a new service that also handles mounts and destroys that again ... so the glusterfssharedstorage.service need to be deactivated and stopped
  9. Backup Client does not install from repo on ubuntu 20.04 UTS

    Ok, then I looked before you did update AUR packages :-) My issue so far was not the backup-client repo - yes there version tags are used. But I also needed to checkout the "proxmox" repo and here I did not saw version tags ... But lest phrase it that way: I have no real clue what I do there...
  10. Backup Client does not install from repo on ubuntu 20.04 UTS

    > FYI: There's an Arch Linux User Repository (AUR) client package already, it's relatively simple to maintain as the compilation is done on the user side. Hm ... Yes they stopped at realease 0.8.x ... I currently do that manually for each of your release ... it is not that easy s yu think...
  11. Backup of one specific LXC mountpoint?

    Any update here? It is not that fun of my life to compile each version manually and always adjust to the latest changes and in fact I can only hope that it works because some repos do not use git tags so I can only get "Master very fast after a release" to hope I have something working ...
  12. Backup Client does not install from repo on ubuntu 20.04 UTS

    Any news here? It is not that fun as it sounds to build every version manually
  13. PVE Backup to PBS tries to "prune" now and get permission error

    hey, I'm using PBS on PVE since some time and everything was ok. Yesterday I updated to the latest 0.9.4-1 and got a backup error. Basically it seems that since the last version PVE tries to call "prune" at the end of the backups. INFO: running 'proxmox-backup-client prune' for 'ct/306' ERROR...
  14. Backup of one specific LXC mountpoint?

    @fabian Yes it is working but honestly ... I have in the end no idea if I got all correct code together :-) Only one repo uses tags for versions, the other repos I needed to clone only have master ... so ... Yes I have a working version ... But please have on your roadmap to offer a "as less...
  15. Backup of one specific LXC mountpoint?

    Bad luck: ./proxmox-backup-client ./proxmox-backup-client: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Even in the machine where I did the build. so means I need to manually somehow really install fuse3 also for the client ...
  16. Backup of one specific LXC mountpoint?

    Ok, @fabian it cost me the whole night and even after many tries and such I end up with one last error (rustc 1.43.0): error[E0658]: use of unstable library feature 'str_strip': newly added --> src/server/ | 232 | if let Some(rest) =...
  17. Backup of one specific LXC mountpoint?

    Is there any step by step for this available?
  18. Backup of one specific LXC mountpoint?

    Ok, Then I need to wait it seems ... many users are using Ubuntu like me and I think it is also valuable test feedback on how to use the backup client "itself" in such cases ...


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