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  1. Server recommendation

    You might wan't to have a look at Hetzner and hetzner server auctions. They operate 2 DC's in Germany. They allow the ability to set up Proxmox via a remote-console using a Proxmox ISO setup on a local USB-Stick (google Hetzner + Lara) please note, that where ever you look, a plethora of IP's...
  2. What-if I delete index folders?

    Have you checked CPU-utilisation using something like e.g. htop or nmon. Also benchmarked the throughput/IOps of your PBS-VM??
  3. Proxmox 7 Openvswitch Bridged setup for /29 Subnet (Hetzner)

    Question(s): How do i setup a /29 Subnet (Hetzner) with Proxmox to be useable via guests (1 IP per Guest)? Can i use only 6 or all 8 IP's ? Do i need to use Point-to-Point setup for all 8 as the Hetzner Guide suggests ? Sidenotes: Open vSwitch based bridges only experienced with...
  4. Proxmox VE ZFS Benchmark with NVMe

    Question: is there a benchmark for the PCIE 4.0 M2's utilizing the Phison PS5016-E16 controller ?
  5. Ceph Single Node vs ZFS

    Hi; I am currently on vacation and just catching up on some threads ... Have you read these posts? :
  6. Ceph Single Node vs ZFS

    This might help you gauge the performance impact. Post #15 and Post#16 I am in the same boat (3 node cluster) with 6-8 NVME SSDs) and i am gonna go with ZFS based raid10 and Storage Replication...
  7. ZFS Configuration planning for Virtual Machines

    Thanks. that book was a good read. Espeically the section about "Six to Twelve Disks". my question is this: This logic was based on Spinners (HDD's) and most likely can not be translated to SSD's on a 1:1 ratio regarding streaming read/writes (due to ther enot being read/write heads for SSDs)...
  8. Production Clusters - any tips before hardware purchase ?

    I am aware. It just does not "really" help testing the performance (dis-)advantages of a specific ZFS setup vs another.
  9. Linux Bridge 10Gbs speed

    according to : You will need the the P10 license for 10 Gbit/s You will need P-unlimited license for >= 10 Gbit/s. Do you by any chance have a P1-License or a trial for a P1-license ?
  10. Production Clusters - any tips before hardware purchase ?

    we currently use a backup-software inside the VMs / Servers. to accomplish a similar functionality. because that software does not do delta-syncs it has to write the whole VM-/ServerData. As such we had to set it to 60 Minutes to not saturate the links on the storage (which is a NAS). [The...
  11. ZFS Configuration planning for Virtual Machines

    Is there any hard data on the severity ? If i did read this [POST] correct, the overhead is <=2x for a RaidZ2 (8k data + 2x4k parity calculations just for the writes) e.g. a 8 SSD-disk Raidz2 vs Raid10 ?
  12. [SOLVED] PMG as a popconnector replacement ? e.g. Popcon Pro

    Question: Can PMGvia Fetchmail operate as a replacement for pop-connectors, e.g. Popcon Pro by In this use-case we have an exchange sitting behind the firewall. Mail is pulled by Popcon from pop3 / Imap accounts, filtered for spam + Virus, then transfered to the...
  13. ZFS Configuration planning for Virtual Machines

    Just some things that come to mind on top my head: Memory. As per should be using 4 GB + 1 TB per Raw Disk Space. A Quick Calculation shows that you will have at least 8x6 TB in RaidZ(1) split on two...
  14. Production Clusters - any tips before hardware purchase ?

    Thanks for this administrator guide. That helped quite a bit, was good read. regarding storage replication: I can in theory go and configure a VM from Node 1 to replicate to node 2 and 3 and do this Monday to Saturday from 06:00 to 18:00 every minute by using the following parameter(s)...
  15. Proxmox Cluster DDosing each other.

    a ping from Node X to Node Y on the network used by corosync will suffice. If you set up the cluster using the public (internet facing) IP of the hosts, and did not manually configure corosync afterwards, it would be: On host X: "ping [IP Host y]" On host X: "ping [IP Host Z]" On host Y: "ping...
  16. Proxmox Cluster DDosing each other.

    What is the latency between the links (used by corosync) ? e,g, NodeXinDC1 to NodeYinDC2 latency in ms/ns NodeXinDC1 to NodeZinDC3 latency in ms/ns NodeYinDC2 to NodeZinDC3 latency in ms/ns Are you using a "Virtual Private Network" technology to tie the underlying network together, created a...
  17. UPS APC to shutdown VMs?

    Seh is stable. It works. it does not have hick-ups and it plays nice within a hot environment. I have Seh USB to network hubs in my environments that have been running for 8+ years without needing ANY manual input post setting up. I am willing to pay the 150€/piece. You might not be. There...
  18. UPS APC to shutdown VMs?

    You could use a USB to network device, then pipe that into a KVM of your choice. myUTN comes to mind (we use that to provide Datev-USB-Dongles to Windows 2019 Servers) and Standalone Datev-Remote Desktops (for Home Office during Covid19)
  19. Production Clusters - any tips before hardware purchase ?

    Are there any Hints, Tips, Nice to know's, or Gotcha's one should know before planning, sizing and purchasing the cluster hardware ? Things that i am curious about (Proxmox 6.2): Can you mix and match CPU-vendor and Models inside the same cluster? (e.g. 2x Intel Cascade Lake-SP + 2x Amd Epic...
  20. Proxmox VE on Debian Jessie with zfs - Hetzner

    I last installed Proxmox on a Hetzner Server with NVME Disks in 01/2020. I used Lara with a USB-Image provided by Hetzner based on the official ISO. Install Failed on the 6.1 ISO with the Hetzner burned ISO. Then i directly mounted the Original Proxmxo ISOs via LARA. install failed on - 6.1...


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