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  1. Windows VMs shutting down unexpectedly !

    This indeed indicates that either your OS crashed or it was powered off for instance through an out of memory condition as dunuin said. Since this message is posted on the next boot: what happens before that?
  2. Windows VMs shutting down unexpectedly !

    Typically that's a restart according to my experience. A shutdown is weird. What do the windows evebtlogs tell you? Anything?
  3. Windows VMs shutting down unexpectedly !

    Does it really shut down? Or does it go to sleep due to the power safe powerplan and inactivity? That once drove me nuts until I realised what was going on...
  4. zfs raidz# vs draid#

    If you have a hotspare anyways why not using it by default? A spare is just sitting around as already indicated by others. A participating disk helps in various scenarios
  5. Migrate Proxmox VE Host Installation

    Imagine how hard it is if you habe the data but no ways to restore it properly :rolleyes:
  6. Migrate Proxmox VE Host Installation

    Why not run PBS on truenas scale? According to the website it offers the option to run KVM VMs.
  7. zfs raidz# vs draid#

    Imho: yes You need also to take into consideration what IO comes in (read or write) and as well which block size is used. Storage performance and the calculations behind are very tricky and never accurate. There is a range of what to expect from a given setup but a slight variation of the...
  8. Passed through GPU still consuming power when the VM is not started

    Imho In this Situation the system is in a different state. As you mention the driver is loaded and can control the card. If the OS is not started it is more likely to be in the state as it is during POST and BIOS initialisation phase. If you bring the system (host) to that state you will likely...
  9. Hardware recomendation for painles update?

    plus one here. Supermicro is a great supplier. Use it as well.
  10. Disk Full - Recovering Space on Root (Proxmox 6.2)

    I realize that LTdata exists twice. I think you have had a typo at some place. So instead your data is going to the 1.2 TB data disk (I guess you want it to) it goes onto your root filesystem Check the mount-points and see if that theory can be backed up by some evidence.
  11. Passed through GPU still consuming power when the VM is not started

    That does not mean that the PCIe device isn't powered. It just means that the kernel / host OS does not grab it. I would really be surprised if the card wouldn't pull power. 38W seems reasonable for an idle graphics card. Have you checked what the card pulls under full load? According to the...
  12. Disk Full - Recovering Space on Root (Proxmox 6.2)

    did you use the "-e" option? I have re-worked it so it actually needs that to do anything. Otherwise it will only show what would be done... in case the script does not help you there is a manual investigation via "du". I am using "du -h --max-depth=1".
  13. Sporadic node "crashes", no SSH, no logs

    If the behaviour is so unpredictable then it is really hard to get to the bottom of it. You only can rule out things one by one. From the hardware side it could be a bad power supply, which reacts on environmental changes (e.g. heat) and/or what comes from the socket. It also can be an issue...
  14. Sporadic node "crashes", no SSH, no logs

    an hour - that is nothing. I had expected days... I think an external log-server would ease things a lot. What happens right before the crash? Anything?
  15. Sporadic node "crashes", no SSH, no logs

    In which case it is unlikely that your fs turns read only and you are just running from memory for a long time before the host crashes. is there a specific uptime that you pass before the issue occurs?
  16. Sporadic node "crashes", no SSH, no logs

    Are you booting from a USB thumb drive?
  17. Install drivers for windows after creating the VM

    I assume you talk about virtio drivers. Grab the iso here:
  18. Proxmox Xeon CPU upgrade choice

    TDP does not necessarily let's you tie back to (idle) consumption. That is also documented in the wikipedia article related to it, as well as other sources. It only shows under full load you needs a more capable cooling system for the s5-1620. The e5-2650l has more than twice the amount of...
  19. OS Drive on Consumer SSD with ZFS - Wear Triaged - Safe transition to EXT4

    pve configs are all stored in /etc/pve You can extract / copy them off from a running system but due the nature of this path (shared, distributed filesystem) of you just mount the disk (e.g. not boot the instance) the path is not there. So the copy destination is not available on the other...


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