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  1. How do I restore or recreate a CT using an exisitng subvol (on ZFS)?

    After doing something very stupid that looks like it may have destroyed my install, it looks like I might have to do a fresh install and create my containers from scratch. I still have the ZFS dataset subvols for the containers from my old, borked Proxmox install (as they were stored on a...
  2. I've really screwed up bad, PLEASE HELP!

    I have three ZFS pools on my server "TANK" - a 6x10TB RAIDz2 for my data "nvme-pool" - a single 500GB NVMe disk used for fast storage for LXC and VMs. Then there's the disk which Proxmox is installed to but I'm not 100% sure whether I should be calling it rpool or bpool, or something else, so...
  3. Uppercase usernames. Should I "--force-badname" or edit the NAME_REGEX?

    I'm in the process of replicating some users and groups from my FreeNAS install, so that when I import my zpool, I won't have to mess with dataset ownership/permissions. I've run into a problem though. FreeNAS allows the creation of users and groups with uppercase letters in their names where...
  4. [SOLVED] ZFS datasets, unprivileged LXC CTs, and permissions.

    [EDIT] So... it turns out that you can find many answers to question by R'ing the FM (or W as the case may be). For the sake of any other fellow noobs who stumble upon this thread. The "Using local directory bind mount points" section of the following page in the wiki pretty much answered my...
  5. Migrating from FreeNAS to Proxmox and need advice please.

    I'd like to migrate from FreeNAS to Proxmox but I'm having a few problems with getting my head around the Proxmox way of doing things, having spent years using FreeNAS (most notably, I'm struggling with how various storage related things are handled). I'm also not entirely sure how best to...


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