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  1. [SOLVED] My Settings / xterm.js Settings / All fields are greyed out

    Recently the fonts and letter spacing of the Shell changed by itself, and it's awful. I wanted to change this but the xterm.js Settings are all greyed out. Any idea please?
  2. [SOLVED] Ubuntu release-upgrade in container, is it possible / recommended?

    I am running Ubuntu 21.10 (impish) in a Proxmox container downloaded from a Proxmox template The issue I am facing: When I try apt-get update it says: impish update are not available. (apparently starting July 14 is not supported anymore) When I login the system displays the message: New release...
  3. After changing lxc to priviledged, most files and directories have owner:group (100000:100000)

    In the conf file of the lxc I removed the line unpriviledged=1, the started the container Nothing works anymore, due to fucked up permissions. su, does not work, sudo. I had to manually change owner, group for each binary. But I think this is not the solution. Any ideas?
  4. Ubuntu Container - is it possible to have audio in a container

    Hi I've created an Ubuntu 22.04 container (not Docker). My MTB has a Realtek ALC1150, onboard. I'm wondering if I can passthrough the audio crtl. to the container (I plan to install Pianobar a CLI based client of Pandora music streaming). I've done that in the past with with a VM, but I can't...
  5. Can I use something else other than noVNC? For instance SPICE and xterm are both greyed out

    I find noVNC pretty limited, can't do copy and paste. I tried everything. I thought I might have more luck with SPICE or xterm, but they are both inaccessible. Any idea how to activate them?
  6. Is it possible to passthrough a partition of a drive to a VM? and not the entire disk?

    Hi, you might find my question weird, but I have a good reason for asking this. I want to partition an nvme drive with 3 partitions, then I want to create a Truenas Scale VM in Proxmox, and to present each partition to the Truenas in a such a way that the VM sees a full block device drive not a...
  7. Is Proxmox 7.latest / 5.13.19-4 fully using the power of the 12th gen Intel CPUs?

    In other words, is the latest Proxmox and the actual kernel capable to fully use all the P-Cores and E-Cores at their maximum ring core frequency? Or the Alder Lake P-cores will be running crippled at 3.6 GHz? I know this is more a Debian issue not a Proxmox issue, but I'm pretty sure some...
  8. [SOLVED] How to recuperate the VM files after a Proxmox reinstallation

    I had to reinstall Proxmox because for some reason it stopped booting. The VM files were installed in a dedicated nvme drive mounted on a directory called VM_Repository. The nvme containing the VMs was not destroyed, just Proxmos was reinstalled. I can see the nvme drive in Disks. However I am...
  9. I-GPU Passthrough question: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

    Anyone knows what drivers to blacklist for Intel Alderlake 12th Gen. integrated graphics in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf? I have Radeon, Nvidia and Nouveau. Do I need something specific for this Core i7 12700K integrated graphics? I ask because my I-GPU passthrough does not work Thanks a...
  10. [SOLVED] Forum admins - please do something to stop replacing character by eek emojis

    Everytime I paste a string contaning a column character : followed by O it's being replace by this eek! emoji video:off And I don't know there might be other replacements...
  11. Passing through both PCIe GPU and Integrated GPU. Is it possible?

    Hi, I successfully passed through a PCIe GPU and assigned to a Windows guest. Now I want to passthrough the I-GPU and assign it to a Linux guest. The 2 GPUs are part of two different IOMMU groups, that's not a problem. I-GPU is enabled in the BIOS I determined the numeric ID of the Integrated...
  12. [SOLVED] Proxmox GPU passthrough - I can’t see the VM GPU output on the Proxmox monitor

    I configured GPU passthrough in Proxmox, and a VM to use the PCIe GPU. The VM is set to boot at startup. I don’t want to access the VM remotely, and I was expecting to see the VM’s GPU output directly on the Proxmox monitor. It works but with an annoying workaround. The only way to achieve...
  13. Why can't I create a VM on a certain drive with the ISO from another drive

    I want to keep all my ISOs on one drive, but to install the VMs on another drive. Why this isn't possible?. When I create a VM and I select a certain storage, I cannot select the ISO from another volume. It does not make sense. This is called lack of flexibility. Am I doing something wrong?
  14. Where should I report bug?

    After grub, before I get the login prompt, I get the following error twice: ACPI BIOS Error (bug): Could not resolve [\_SB.UBTC.RUCC], AE_NOT_FOUND I guess this is a kernel bug
  15. Single computer for the PVE and the VMs. Is it possible?

    Let’s say I don’t want to use VNC or other remote desktop software from another computer to connect to the VMs running in my PVE, but instead I want to use the same computer where PVE is installed to open a VM. If you’re not understanding what I want, have a look at this video at second at 0:20...
  16. Message for Proxmox GURUS. Is VE capable of running on 12th Generation Intel (Alder Lake CPUs)

    I kindly asked a question previously to the community. Have any of you tried to run the VE on a 12th gen Intel machine? Unfortunately I didn't have answers. These new CPUs are hybrid, with P-Cores and E-Cores. If Intel is going in this direction, then all future CPUs will have the similar...
  17. Can I install Proxmox on an Intel Z690 MTB with 12th Gen Alder Lake CPU?

    It would be great to use the latest CPUs from Intel. Or let me rephrase... If this is not possible, what desktop MTBs are supported? I cannot afford a Server MTB.


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