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  1. Console container does not give the login

    Hi, I installed proxmox 7.2 and created a test container. Once the container has departed, when I open the console I do not touch the login even if it gives the message Connect. The pve console works instead. You can help me ?
  2. Vpn on proxmox ?

    Hello, I would like to know if I can configure a vpn service on proxmox in order to connect remotely within the node.
  3. About Mail Gateway ?

    By installing the free Mail Gateway version, can I update the virus definitions for clamav CLAMAV? Or do I necessarily have to activate the COMMUNITY version? Is there an alternative repository to the one made available with the comunity version? (Access to Enterprise repository)
  4. WOL ( Wake On Lan ) and Proxmox 5.3.5 Help ....

    Good evening, I have a dell t330 server with PROXMOX. In the BIOS I have enabled the WOL function on both network cards. Upstream I have a firewall in which I enter the VPN. I wanted to use the Wake On Lan Magic packet utility to turn on proxmox when I need it. it seems that the card is also...
  5. Live Migration ?

    I have configured prosmox in CLUSTER with CHEP and HA. When I turn off NODE 1 the virtual amacchian is turned off and migrated to NODE 2. This causes a stop for those who work with the migrated virtual machine. Is there a way to enable LIVE MIGRATION so as not to have machine downtime during...
  6. Reinstall ceph

    I have installed proxmox in clusters with ceph. I have 3 knots. I replaced the first node, but by mistake I didn't make the updates before installing ceph. Now I am not associating the node with the existing cluster system. Is there a way to uninstall ceph and reinstall it without reinstalling...
  7. Proxmox 6 - Chep - Cluster HA

    Good evening, I installed proxmox 6 with clustered chep. I have 3 nodes, each with 2 HD SATA. Diso one contains the operating system proxmox, disk 2 used for OSD by chep. In fact, the cluster seems to work if I disconnect the network card of node 1 where I created the virtual machine, it is...
  8. Help virtio driver for windows 10

    I installed a machine with windows 10 on proxmox. I MUST use VirtIO (paravirtualized) to view the other machines on my network. I have seen that you have to install the drivers for the network card on windows. Can you tell me how to proceed now that I have already installed Windows 10?
  9. PROXMOX Cluster ?

    Good evening, I'm new to the forum, I wanted to ask you for advice, I have to build a system of two server clusters, I had thought of using PROXMOX since I used it in the office since January 2019. The system must allow me to have two servers with its virtual machines CENTOS 7 , if one of the...
  10. Upgrade proxmox 5.3-5 to 6.0

    Good evening, since 2019 proxmox Virtual Environment 5.3-5 I have seen that you have published the new version 6.0. Can you tell me the correct procedure to upgrade my PROXMOX system?
  11. information

    Hello, I'm a new member of this forum, I installed Proxmox and wanted to have the information. And 'it required to activate the service to the comunity to 4.99 for use Promox? else, there is a forum Proxmox Italy?


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