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  1. [SOLVED] CT stuck on "create storage snapshot 'vzdump' " when doing a snapshot backup

    Sure! arch: amd64 cores: 2 hostname: Heimdall memory: 2048 net0: name=eth0,bridge=vmbr0,gw=,hwaddr=16:77:88:68:9D:6F,ip=,type=veth onboot: 1 ostype: ubuntu rootfs: local-zfs:subvol-100-disk-0,size=32G swap: 512 lxc.apparmor.profile: unconfined...
  2. [SOLVED] CT stuck on "create storage snapshot 'vzdump' " when doing a snapshot backup

    Good question! It seems to only be CT 106. The only thing I'm seeing in syslog during the backup job is this: Nov 14 09:18:32 vmworld pvedaemon[222298]: INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 106 --compress zstd --mode snapshot --node vmworld --notes-template '{{guestname}}' --remove 0 --storage...
  3. [SOLVED] CT stuck on "create storage snapshot 'vzdump' " when doing a snapshot backup

    Hi everyone! During one of my automated weekly backup jobs, I noticed one of my new containers that I setup this week seems to make the job get stuck when doing a snapshot backup. For some reason, it gets stuck saying INFO: create storage snapshot 'vzdump'. I also tried doing a snapshot backup...
  4. [SOLVED] Is it safe to format a potential ESP with FS type zfs_member? (Proxmox Boot Tool)

    Gotcha. Thanks for the heads up! EDIT: Everything appears to be working! Thanks for the help again!
  5. [SOLVED] Is it safe to format a potential ESP with FS type zfs_member? (Proxmox Boot Tool)

    Hi everyone! Another post in the saga of upgrading my Proxmox node from PVE 6 to 7. This time I'm trying to switch my legacy boot system to the Proxmox Boot Tool. For reference I've been following this guide on the wiki and am currently using RAID-Z1 with two disks. When I run lsblk to find...
  6. [SOLVED] Anyway to prevent skipping CT compatibility checks with the pve6to7 tool?

    Thanks for the help! I got it to work now. It looks like I also needed to comment out an additional line
  7. [SOLVED] Anyway to prevent skipping CT compatibility checks with the pve6to7 tool?

    Awesome, thanks! I found the file in /usr/share/perl5/PVE/CLI/, although it seems my changes are not taking any effect. I found from an old forum post that I need to restart pvedaemon, but unfortunately that didn't fix the issue. I assume I'm missing something? Thanks!
  8. [SOLVED] Anyway to prevent skipping CT compatibility checks with the pve6to7 tool?

    Hi everyone! I'm currently in the process of finally getting my host ready to upgrade to pve7 and I've been running into an annoying issue with the checklist tool. One of the warnings I get is: Since I have quite a few containers, I basically have to go through each one at a time and fix the...
  9. Backup Error "vma_writer_register_stream 'drive-scsi0' failed" (PVE 6.1-7)

    Many updates after I'm still running into this issue even after creating a new VM and converting it into a template and then backing it up. However, I've decided that I don't think it's worth pursuing the issue any further. Thinking back on it now it seems a little redundant to automatically...
  10. [SOLVED] Scroll bar jumps up on the datacenter summary view

    I'm assuming that probably would have done the trick. It seems to be working now. I never got an email notification about your reply, so here we are a few weeks later. Thanks!
  11. [SOLVED] Scroll bar jumps up on the datacenter summary view

    Hi! Whenever I go to the datacenter summary page and scroll down the scroll bar jumps back up again. This happens about every 5 seconds. I've tested this on Chrome and the non-Chromium version of Edge. Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me? Thanks! PVE Version: 6.2-4 Package...
  12. [SOLVED] Windows VM (OVMF BIOS) stuck at 800x600 resolution

    Ah, gotcha. Thanks for info! EDIT: For future reference, this has been fixed as of PVE 6.2
  13. [SOLVED] Windows VM (OVMF BIOS) stuck at 800x600 resolution

    Thanks! I find out a bug in the bug tracker which matches my issue and I found the fix that you made for this. Any ETA for when this will hit the test repo or the stable one? I found somewhere that the fix was coming in version 6.1-12. I used to be able to create 128K efi disks with ZFS...
  14. Update from 5.2 to 5.4

    That is the correct way to update. However, it is strongly encouraged to create a backup of the host and all VMs before updating in case something goes wrong. There should be minimal interference with your VMs, however, don’t quote me on that. Just a heads up, Proxmox 5.x will reach its end of...

    I found a nice backup script on github if you’re interested Link:
  16. Proxmox 5.2 - Can I delete Template ?

    Yes, deleting the template won't cause any problems. If you have any doubts you can always backup the template and then restore it if things don't work out. As the clone you made was a full clone that means that the VM is completely separate from the template VM. If it was a linked clone then...
  17. Backup Error "vma_writer_register_stream 'drive-scsi0' failed" (PVE 6.1-7)

    I guess that settles the issue. I'll set up some new templates and clone the linked VMs. I'll set this topic to solved after a few weeks of monitoring if all goes well. Thanks for the help and all of the patience with trying to work this out!
  18. [SOLVED] Windows VM (OVMF BIOS) stuck at 800x600 resolution

    Hi! I'm trying to recreate one of my windows templates which used the OVMF bios with a set resolution of 1920x1080. The problem I'm having with this new VM is after I set the resolution to 1920x1080 from within the bios it resets back to 800x600 on boot. If I check the bios the resolution says...
  19. Backup Error "vma_writer_register_stream 'drive-scsi0' failed" (PVE 6.1-7)

    That could work. I have enough disk space. Theoretically, I shouldn't have any more problems with new templates right? It would be great to not have to redo my templates, but I wouldn't mind it if that fixed the issue. I did a little test and created a new VM template much like the other ones...
  20. Backup Error "vma_writer_register_stream 'drive-scsi0' failed" (PVE 6.1-7)

    Hi! Sorry for the long gap in between responses. Thanks for the blocksize tip for windows by the way! For your first question, yes. I could delete the old templates and use the working cloned ones. However, I have a few linked clones using the templates. Is there a way I could switch which...


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