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  1. Rapid SSD wear-out ZFS RAID1

    Dear Michael2006, Thanks for your reply. Can you provide the disk type you're using, when you had this wear-out issue? Thanks in advanced!
  2. SSD setup for VM host

    Yesterday we migrated to the new Intel D3 S4510 1.92TB disks and we are good with the IO now. ;) This thread can thus be marked as resolved.
  3. SSD setup for VM host

    Weird enough... pveperf MX500 root@stb01:~# pveperf /rpool/ CPU BOGOMIPS: 231792.20 REGEX/SECOND: 3000297 HD SIZE: 893.86 GB (rpool) FSYNCS/SECOND: 10971.13 DNS EXT: 16.00 ms DNS INT: 65.45 ms ( pveperf S4510 root@stb01:~# pveperf...
  4. SSD setup for VM host

    Thanks you very much! We now know what to do ;) I let you guys know when we moved out the disks and test with the s4510.
  5. SSD setup for VM host

    Thanks for your answer! Does the Intel D3-S4510 1.92TB in your opinion fits with proxmox ?
  6. SSD setup for VM host

    Just tested, same result unfortunately. I searched for a while on the web and so far there are much more people having issues with Proxmox and ZFS IO Delay, so far nobody has a workaround to the high IO delay on a ZFS pool even with DC Intel SSD's? Edit: We see that the IO delay only occurs...
  7. SSD setup for VM host

    We just tested on Intel D3-S4510 with a plesk environment, and if we test write with: dd if=/dev/zero of=/root/testfile bs=1024M count=1 oflag=direct The speed seems normal within under 2 seconds 1.1Gb copied. But in Proxmox we see a IO delay spike to 45% and then immediatly to 0% is this...
  8. SSD setup for VM host

    Understandable, budget wise is this not a option for our customer in this current situation unfortunately.
  9. SSD setup for VM host

    Thank you very much, I understand now, we will plan this in order to achieve this en wipe out the Crucial Disks. One last question and I hope you could give some advice on that, If we are set up a second server which is a HP Proliant DL360 G9 with 128GB DDR4 ECC RAM, 20 cores 2.9Ghz (40 cores...
  10. SSD setup for VM host

    Hmm I understand, the only thing we host are web / mail en MySQL server VMs, for instance plesk servers and stand alone Linux
  11. SSD setup for VM host

    Thanks for your reply, I understand, is therefore the Intel D3 S4510 good enough for hosting VMs without high IO wait / delay and running proxmox with ZFS RAID 1? Thanks in advance!
  12. SSD setup for VM host

    But one more question, If we want to reduce the IO delay in order to avoid the downtime we have with high writes, and we be aware of that we have to replace the MX drives more then the intels can we host the VMS on the intels and PVE on the MX without having high IO delay?
  13. SSD setup for VM host

    Thank you for this information ;)
  14. SSD setup for VM host

    Thank you for your reply, so If I understand right, In our case we can Proxmox self let be on the Crucial MX500, as long as we host the VM's on the Intel SSDs as mentioned above, so we shouldn't have a high IO delay which causes downtime if we host the VMS on these Intel Drives in a new ZFS...
  15. SSD setup for VM host

    Dear, Currently we have some troubles with High IO delay on almost any 'heavy' write on the VM. Our Proxmox is currently installed on Crucial MX500 with ZFS RAID 1. I was searching on the web and I saw that this could happen because of these disks can't handle much IOPS for VM Hosting. I was...
  16. SSD setup for best VM performance

    Thanks for the reply, I understand and I will use your suggestions to improve the quality en stainability
  17. SSD setup for best VM performance

    Hello, Currently we running 2x MX500 2TB ZFS RAID 1 which are consumer SSD's, my question is if I add two additional Samsung datacenter grade SSD's which are the PM883 with RAID 1 ZFS, can I still let proxmox run on the consumer SSD's when I run all the VM's on the two ssd grade ssds? Thanks...
  18. Rapid SSD wear-out ZFS RAID1

    Hello, Thank you for your reply, haha I was expecting this kind of reply, could you please provide me the SKU of the disk you are using?
  19. Rapid SSD wear-out ZFS RAID1

    Goodevening, I have a question according to my Proxmox setup, I have a 128GB RAM server with 2X 2TB SSD's in RAID1 (ZFS) configured. I saw that the wear out is around 10% in 34 days, I was researching on the internet and find a possible solution to adjust the ZFS settings like: recordsize to...


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