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  1. Custer reboot on one node apt upgrade

    by upgrading always use apt dist-upgrade instead of apt upgrade
  2. Mac VM running on proxmox goes to recovery/interactive shell on everyboot

    Hi, Check the Installing macOS Catalina 10.15 on Proxmox 6 using Clover
  3. [SOLVED] New drive /var

    do ls -la on /var/lib/lxcfs/cgroup/memory/user.slice/user-0.slice/session-22.scope/memory.force_empty to see your permissions. but it told you for reading
  4. pveproxy eats available ram

    on my side pveproxy used [Memory: 145.5M]. may you post output of pveversion -v
  5. pveproxy eats available ram

    anyway need reboot the node 1- after upgrade from PVE5 to PVE6 (that is really important) 2- after renew certs after reboot see what say systemctl status pveproxy.service ?
  6. pveproxy eats available ram

    probably you should update the certificates pvecm updatecerts -f than restart pveproxy service
  7. Which directory should I install programs in Ubuntu?

    need to change permission to users group or use sudo
  8. [SOLVED] Automatic restore from a PBS instance

    You could restore the VMs through API or CLI.
  9. [SOLVED] Container with bind mount backup error (unable to parse volume ID)

    what is your PVE version? this post maybe helpful
  10. no network interface found

    What say the screen if you pressed CTRL + ALT + F2
  11. Storage Error when attempting to migrate

    Please post the VM config that you are getting error above
  12. How to resize /dev/mapper/system--vuyls-root to create LVM thin-pool without breaking Proxmox

    maybe this wiki will help you
  13. LXC Containers Backing Up Incredibly Slow

    Other VMs are in the same storage?
  14. LXC Containers Backing Up Incredibly Slow

    to help better, please provide your storage config cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg and your container config
  15. Can PVE and PBS share a ZFS volume?

    here you can find the type of storage can you shared in PVE
  16. Unable to load nvidia drivers (not blacklisted)

    can you try to install nvidia driver from this here I had same issue with nvidia driver, I followed this guide and fixed the problem
  17. import from lxd

    siehe hier
  18. [SOLVED] apt gpg key still failing for non-subscription repository

    may you post full output of apt update command?
  19. Issues with REST API and percentage symbol

    May you try command=My+Command?


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