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  1. Dell R520 Recurring Problem CPU locking

    I have r520 in production with same kind of processors, I never had seen this error. Is your bios updated ? Do you have installed intel-microcode package to have recent cpu update ? Do you have any error in your idrac lifecycle logs ?
  2. Linux bridge with two nic

    do you only have 1 physical switch ? (where are plugged the eno4 && enp3s0) ? if yes, you'll have a network loop at layer2. and you can't ping magically from 192.168.0.x to 10.0.10.x, you need a gateway somewhere in your network
  3. Using the Proxmox SDN to manage host connectivity with BGP

    Hi, here a version patched deb, with prefix-list support. can you test it ? about your reload error, why do you want to use " neighbor BGP" in l2vpn evpn section ? BGP && EVPN group use same ip, I just you only add "neighbor BGP...
  4. Proxmox claiming MAC address

    Hi, proxmox 7.3 finally have also a new option vmbr "bridge-disable-mac-learning" auto vmbrx iface vmbrx inet ... bridge-disable-mac-learning yes This should avoid wrong packet coming from the hetzner network to enter to your server and forwarded to the vms, so we firewal, REJECT...
  5. SDN PHPIPAM Configuration

    1) The subnet creation is implemented in proxmox phpipam plugin, it should create it. Do you have any error detail ? phpipam version ? 2) IT's totally valid to use same subnet on differents zones. (think of differents customers zone, each customer can use same private subnet, in different...
  6. ifreload failed

    the kernel limit interfaces name to 15characters. It's should be limited in the gui, maybe it's missing a check. which kind of interfaces ? ovs int port ? Do you use last version of proxmox ? A bug limit of interfaces name was fixed last month...
  7. Using the Proxmox SDN to manage host connectivity with BGP

    yes, some changed can't be reloaded. (proxmox try to use, and if it's failing, it's restart frr. In you example, I think it's because you have twice neighbor peer-group BGP neighbor peer-group BGP I don't think you need to add it in frr.conf.local...
  8. Using the Proxmox SDN to manage host connectivity with BGP

    I'll try to reproduce on my side, maybe it's a bug in the parser. Edit: oh, it seem that only route-map && access-list are implemented. I need to add support for prefix-list. I'll try to fix that tomorrow.
  9. Blocking Port 25 for all Containers

    you can't do it directly in cluster.fw. but you can create a generic security group rules with a rule blocking the port25, and add this security group in each container firewall.
  10. Besoin d'aide suite a panne HDD

    "qm importdisk" will read the original storage and write the disk a new storage. This is not what you want here. As you only have reinstalled the os, the data storage is still ok. you just need: 1) redeclare your storage (in datacenter-> storage) 2) recreeate your vms config. (btw, you...
  11. Linux Bridge reassemble fragmented packets

    as far I remember, the problem is that netfilter (with iptables) is not able to refragment packet in postrouring in bridge mode. and degrafmentation is mandatory to for conntrack. I'm not sure it's fixable, at least with iptables. maybe with nftables, and true bridge conntrack, with nftables...
  12. Using the Proxmox SDN to manage host connectivity with BGP

    Something specific in your configuration don't allow reload ? the current proxmox code, try to reload frr, it's working 85% of the time but sometime it's not working, frr crash and proxmox restart the frr service just after. (I have see that with adding route-map to a previous conf without any...
  13. Using the Proxmox SDN to manage host connectivity with BGP

    Hi, about frr.conf.local, the code has been rewritten some months ago, to merge your frr.conf.local with the generated frr.conf.;a=commit;h=78f249bcc8377436f0b5ccff0723d0464f588ad8 Previously, the frr.conf.local was fully used + the generated vrf...
  14. Network packet loss in high traffic VMs

    queues should be lower or equal to number of cpus. (1 to 1 max, each queue use 1dedicated thread, so need 1 vcpu)
  15. Network packet loss in high traffic VMs

    you need to increase queue to balance on multiple vm vcpus. (as indeed, 1core is limited to 1-2 mpps)
  16. Network packet loss in high traffic VMs

    the default value has been bumped to 1024 in proxmox 7.3.
  17. [SOLVED] After upgrading to 7.2-14 on starting VM's error dev tap104i0 master static' failed: exit code 255 when OVS is used

    @Thomas Lamprecht ovs fix:;a=commit;h=99fc81231e09febc4ed9bdbae8a87eca73b0dc3e is missing in libpve-common-perl: 7.2-8
  18. [SOLVED] Live migration bug during upgrade to PVE 7.3

    do you have same problem if you try to start the vm on the 7.3 node ? This bug was already fixed;a=commit;h=99fc81231e09febc4ed9bdbae8a87eca73b0dc3e but I think it's not released in the pve-common package
  19. Servers at different locations?

    Hi, I really not recommand to create a cluster with remote sites if you really don't need migrate vms,... between sites. You'll have more problem, latency bugs,.... Currently, they are no official proxmox interface to manage multi-clustes, but I have a friend working on a multi-cluster...
  20. High SSD wear after a few days

    I'm around 64kB/s for pmxcfs on a 20 nodes clusters with 1000 vms. Are you sure that your 20MB is not the cumulative over the 60 minutes ?


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