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  1. itNGO

    Proxmox Backup Server - Namespace Query

    Ok, we have Namespaces in PBS where we have Backups from different Clusters in differente Namespaces. We divide this by VM-ID using 3 Octets for each Customer-VM-Farm. Like Customer A 192168001,192168002 and so on, Customer B 192169001, 192168002 and so on. To restore VM from Customer A to...
  2. itNGO

    2.3 is out.....

  3. itNGO

    [SOLVED] LXC Live Migration - Roadmap?

    There exists some features about Live-Migration of LX-Containers with LXD and CRIU. Is this something that can be done with Proxmox or is already existing or on the Roadmap?
  4. itNGO

    [SOLVED] TrackingCenter - Data collection source code?

    We want to create a Grafana-Dashboard to display Mailflow for Customers hosted in our Datacenter. So war I See all LOG Data is found in /var/log/mail.log. Trackingcenter nicely displays Time, From, To and Status and details on "+". Can this be done at command line also or if we read the...
  5. itNGO

    [SOLVED] DNSWL - DNS Whitelist.

    We use several DNSBL and a Threshold of 3. Now we want to also use DNSWL to lower the Threshold. Is that possible? How to configure DNS Whitelist in Configuration - Mailproxy - DNSBL-Sites?
  6. itNGO

    [SOLVED] error listing snapshots - 400 Bad Request (500)

    We had to recreate a Datastore and did so by choosing the same name. Also recreated all Permissions from PBS WebGUI again. But on several PVE-Hosts we get "error listing snapshots - 400 Bad Request (500)" when we try to list backups. Is this a permission-issue or is something else wrong? PVE...
  7. itNGO

    [SOLVED] Query API from Grafana.

    There exists the "JSON-API" Data-Source for Grafana. LINK We are trying to use this to connect to the Proxmox Mail Gateway API to create some nice "real-time" Dashboards in Grafana to display tracking center data. However, we have problems to authorize against the Proxmox API. Maybe someone...
  8. itNGO

    [SOLVED] Daily Spam Report empty "from"

    The daily SPAM-Report send to user seems somewhat missing a envelope from field? It is shown as coming from "" but our 2nd relay SMTP Filter shows the "from" as < >, cause it looks for envelope-from. Is this something we can change somehow? Oh, and btw. The Spam-Reports are also missing...
  9. itNGO

    Oneliner - list external receiver domains

    Maybe someone already did this and can help here. I am searching for a command to filter all "recipient-domains" which got e-mail send from internal "users/domains". Idea to put them in a whitelist to bypass spam-filter without need to add them one by one when "reject" occurs. It looks to me...
  10. itNGO

    [SOLVED] DKIM own Key.

    Is it possible to override the DKIM-Record/Key? We are switching from another Mailgateway and want to keep DNS-Settings the same. Reuse the already existing DKIM-Key. Is this possible? Or do we have to change all 300 DNS-DKIM-TXT-Records?
  11. itNGO

    Options not usable when PMG is not the first receiving MX?

    Question: When PMG has another Mailgateway in front of it, which is receiving the Mails as defined per DNS mx, are there options which can not be used anymore in PMG? For example, enabling SPF still possible? What about DNSBL? I am asking, cause the first MX has the far better already paid...
  12. itNGO


    ADMINISTRATOR NOTICE: The quer to URIBL was blocked. See http://wiki.apache.... I get this in Spam Quarantine when I "Toggle Spam Info". What does this mean and do I need to change something? Thanks in advance....
  13. itNGO

    [SOLVED] VIRUSTOTAL API integration.

    Is it possible to integrate the VirusTotal-API for FILE, URL or Domain-Scan as a rule? We are evaluating this in rspamd on a dedicated host and like the idea to use the external service to enhance detection rate by a massive amount....
  14. itNGO

    To trim or not to trim.... (CEPH)

    There is the not really documented CEPH-Parameter "bdev_enable_discard" which allows to TRIM for SSDs. Is this still something that should be enabled on modern SSDs and NVMEs? Anyone has TRIM enabled in CEPH with Flash-Disks? Thanks for comments...
  15. itNGO

    CEPH 17.2.x reduce Log-Level.

    Since upgrade to 17.2 from 16.2.9 Ceph-Log gets flooded with: 6227+0200 mgr.RZA-APVE1 (mgr.22664103) 37042 : cluster [DBG] pgmap v37223: 513 pgs: 513 active+clean; 3.9 TiB data, 8.9 TiB used, 6.8 TiB / 16 TiB avail; 17 MiB/s rd, 5.2 MiB/s wr, 258 op/s 2022-07-08T12:25:47.557678+0200...
  16. itNGO

    [SOLVED] CEPH OSD delay in service startup after reboot.

    We are investigating an issue, where after a NODE-Reboot in a 3-Node-Cluster the OSDs are delayed in startup. We need to set "NOOUT"-Flag to prevent CEPH from mixing data around, cause the OSD just take several minutes to get started. They always start on their own and work normal after that...
  17. itNGO

    [SOLVED] Question about MTU

    If I create a BOND with 2 Interfaces and set MTU 9000 in the BOND, do I also need to configure MTU on the Ports/Slaves in the NetworkConfig?
  18. itNGO

    [SOLVED] Proxmox as Guest VM in Proxmox Cluster as Quorum Vote Node?

    Assuming I have several dedicated 3-Node Clusters with Ceph. Now want to add another dedicated Cluster, but only have 2 Nodes available at the moment. Can a PVE installed as a VM in a existing Cluster and joined to the other 2 Nodes and will make uneven majority node possible?
  19. itNGO

    [TUTORIAL] PBS on Harddisks only and large amount of Backups timeout in PVE.

    Hi there, just a quick tip. We are using disk-based PBS-Servers where SSDs are not used. If you are using mostly rotating hard disks with PBS and you get timeouts when listing Backups in PVE you can change Directory/File-Cache-Setting to keep the file and directory Metadata in RAM. This is done...
  20. itNGO

    [SOLVED] Ceph 17.2....

    Any idea when Proxmox will integrate CEPH 17?


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