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  1. maxprox

    [SOLVED] how do i replace a hard drive in a healthy ZFS raid?

    Hi Markkus I'm sure it helps a lot the people who starts in ZFS, 2 Cents from me: if you work with root, you didn't need sudo ;-) and I'm not so cool like you and wait with this hdd exchange beyond the guarantee reaction ;-) regards, maxprox
  2. maxprox

    [SOLVED] Installing ifupdown2 in PVE 6.2-4

    Hi there, for some off my 6.x installation (befor the upgrade ...) this "only install steps" are not enough. My working solution are: 1: apt update && apt full-upgrade 2: apt install ifupdown2 -y 3: apt purge ifupdown 4: ifreload -a 5: apt install ifupdown2 --reinstall -y without the...
  3. maxprox

    a simple way to passthrough an internal SATA DVD burner [solved]

    HI, I would work on the proxmox command line: your DVD-RW drive is attached to an enabled USB port on the proxmox server and is provided with enough power ;-) first: what USB Drive <=> USB DVD-RW device? You can get it with the lsusb command: lsusb .... Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0e8d:1887...
  4. maxprox

    a simple way to passthrough an internal SATA DVD burner [solved]

    Hi educruiser, have a look at my last post: "now I more often work with external USB DVD-Burner (it's more easy ;-)" With a USB DVD-RW drive you can do it with two klicks in the Proxmox WebGUI And work with a burning Tool like CDBurnerXP where you have a better overview on the existing DVD...
  5. maxprox

    Reading blob files (qemu-server.conf.blob)

    Hi Dominik, no, the backup isn't encrypted. This command in the same directory works for the "qemu-server.conf.blob", an you get the whole text file proxmox-backup-debug inspect file /srv/pbs4tpool/pbstore/vm/100/2022-04-19T23:45:02Z/qemu-server.conf.blob --decode - EDIT: now I try it on an...
  6. maxprox

    Reading blob files (qemu-server.conf.blob)

    one more question please: In the new Version PBS 2.1.x the described solution above works for me proxmox-backup-debug inspect file /srv/pbs4tpool/pbstore/vm/100/2022-04-19T23:45:02Z/qemu-server.conf.blob --decode - but: I'm looking for a way to read the pbs log files on command line, and...
  7. maxprox

    a simple way to passthrough an internal SATA DVD burner [solved]

    Hi hughbiquitous, thanks for the reply, and welcome on Proxmox Forum! For me the above also was the first time working with iSCSI, also now I more often work with external USB DVD-Burner (it's more easy ;-) Regards, maxprox
  8. maxprox

    [SOLVED] Error: unable to create rrdb stat dir - EACCES: Permission denied - Clean PBS v2 Installation

    same bug today, and same "Failed to start Proxmox Backup API Proxy Server" and also this workaround works for me thanks for the help
  9. maxprox

    Prox7, lvmthin: LV after reboot inactive

    HI, is there someone who have an idea where I can set the LV activation persistent ? regards, maxprox
  10. maxprox

    Export vm's to reinstall proxmox on same hardware

    Hi DHY, have a look at this thread: for example: 1: First you have to mount some usb disk 2: backup your VM(s), for example: vzdump 8206 --mode stop --compress lzo --dumpdir /var/lib/usbmount/sicherung/8200_zammad (the...
  11. maxprox

    Prox7, lvmthin: LV after reboot inactive

    perhaps the problem is solved found: I had a deeper look to the LVM. The ''lvscan'' shows me two inactive LVs, and the ''vgchange -ay" is prohibited at first because a lv_tmeta in second because a lv_tdata. After I deactivate both, the lv_tmeta and the lv_tdata, I can activat needed main LV...
  12. maxprox

    Prox7, lvmthin: LV after reboot inactive

    Hello I have a new small proxmox pve System on an old ACER / Gateway Server with an entry level ACER / Gigabyte Mainboard. There is only one Container which does not start. A LVMthin Install, no ZFS. The last thing I have done was to clone the Proxmox System SSD to a second and same SSD, 1:1...
  13. maxprox

    lxc apparmor="DENIED" operation="mount" error=-13

    you sure? Proxmox 7 is on Bullseye .... (both beta or RC)
  14. maxprox

    lxc Container exclude mount point / zweite hdd

    Dank dir für den Hinweis, das müsste ich noch mal versuchen, kann sein dass ich bei diesen ersten Tests übersehen habe die Replikation raus zu nehmen... Zur Zeit habe ich noch nicht DIE (für mich) passende Lösung zur Wiederherstellung des PromoxBackupServers, der bei mir als LXC Container läuft...
  15. maxprox

    [SOLVED] Migrate a Physical Windows Server 2016 Essentials to Proxmox.

    also have a look under "Hardware": BIOS, Display, Machine should be "Default", without dedicated drivers also SCSI Controller should be "Default" CD/DVD "Do not yous any media" Is the OS Type correct under the "Options" ? ...
  16. maxprox

    [SOLVED] Migrate a Physical Windows Server 2016 Essentials to Proxmox.

    Hi Gustavo, I think it is because the boot device? Have a look under the VM Options and there under "Boot Order" and start the VM under the Command-Line with "qm start VMID" there you get a long line in which you get the error, perhaps .... try it regards, maxprox
  17. maxprox

    WebDAV mount bitrix24

    hier: im (inkompetenten) bitrix forum schreibt ein Kunde nach Änderung der URL von https in davs:// habe es funktioniert .... vielleicht hilft das ?
  18. maxprox

    [SOLVED] how do i replace a hard drive in a healthy ZFS raid?

    I can not exactly explain the solution for it, because I've never been affected by this before. But I would try this: either what is in the wiki: under: "Grub boot ZFS problem" and...
  19. maxprox

    proxmox Supermicro SSD-DM032 installieren

    ja, wie du schreibst: " in Summe eine bessere Haltbarkeit": SuperDOM= 32GB; IronWolf = 250GB das wäre knapp 8 (acht)! mal so viel "SuperDOMWPD" ;-) und 34 TBW zu 300 bei der Seagate ist auch einiges. Sprich: wenn ich keine physischen Gründe habe, nehm ich doch lieber die Seagate.
  20. maxprox

    proxmox Supermicro SSD-DM032 installieren

    HI, OT: gibt es mit diesen Supermicro SuperDOM Teilen Erfahrung, wie lange die im Dauerbetrieb halten? Wenn darauf "nur" das OS (Proxmox) läuft? Im gegensatz zu günstigeren Standard SSDs mit 5 Jahren Garantie, haben die nur 2. und bereits eine günstige Crucial MX500 250GB hat eine 3mal so hohe...


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