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  1. powersupport

    VM in proxmox stop every one our

    HI, One of our VM in the proxmox cluster stops every 1 hour, we have to manually start each time. In the Syslog, I found the below error pvedaemon[1865381]: VM 131 qmp command failed - VM 131 not running I tried to re-install qemu in the VM but noaffected, can anyone advise on this? Thank you.
  2. powersupport

    Memory usage showing High from the outside and the server keeps stopping

    Hi, We are experiencing an issue that one of the VM (windows server) in our Proxmox cluster keeps stopping at regular intervals. We have checked the Syslog for OOM messages 'cat /var/log/syslog | grep OOM'. But does not get any output. On checking the summary in the Proxmox interface, we could...
  3. powersupport

    proxmox vm keeps stops

    Hi, One of our VM from proxmox cluster keeps stopping and we need to start it again, could you please advise what could be the issue? I tried to remove the VM from HA, but the issue still exists Thank you
  4. powersupport

    rbd error

    Hi, I would like to rebuild the server but come out this error message in proxmox ===== Removing image: 99% complete... Removing image: 100% complete...done. TASK ERROR: rbd error: rbd: listing images failed: (2) No such file or directory ===== When I check the cccs_storage, it showing the same...
  5. powersupport

    configure IPV4 and IPV6 in the same network interface

    Hi, We have been trying to configure IPV4 and IPV6 in the same network interface for a VM with Debian OS. but are not been able to get a connection for the IPV6 IP. May I know whether it is recommended to assign both ipv4 and v6 in the same network interface? Looking forward to your reply...
  6. powersupport

    Backups are skipped when syncing PBS to another PBS

    Hi, When we try syncing PBS to another PBS some of the backups are skipped. Please refer to the attached warning. == 2022-08-02T16:47:30+05:30: skipped: 73 snapshot(s) (2021-12-26T17:30:02Z .. 2022-07-31T13:30:02Z) older than the newest local snapshot == May I know if there is any way to...
  7. powersupport

    required command to remove the ZFS snapshot via CLI

    Hi, we have listed the snapshot using 'zfs list -t snapshot' but Could you please let me know how to remove the snapshot from command line? Looking forward to your reply. Regards
  8. powersupport

    ZFS pool size full with incorrect actual usage.

    Hi, While checking my virtual machine I got an IO-Error. I have also checked the ZFS pool but it shows it was full. but I have confirmed we just configured the hard disk for the virtual machine hard disk size 1.55 TB. I am not sure why the ZFS disk consumes more than the assigned for the VM...
  9. powersupport

    IO speed or network speed restricting ?

    Hi, bwlimit: 100000 KBPS "/etc/vzdump.conf" May I know if this configuration restricts IO speed or the network speed or both, Also, do we need to make any changes after modifying this conf file like reboot the node etc. Do we need to modify the same in all the cluster nodes ? Our situation...
  10. powersupport

    Is it possible to install proxmox backup server with btrfs

    HI, May I know if it is possible to install proxmox backup server with btrfs, if so, any documentation for the same? Thank you
  11. powersupport

    NAS backup storage in proxmox

    Hi, If we add NAS to proxmox, will it support incremental backups? Thank you
  12. powersupport

    is the Proxmox snapshot and PBS backup same?

    Hi, May I check if the Proxmox snapshot and PBS backup are the same? which one is better. Recently, one of our VM got crashed and recovered from r1soft backup, the whole process took around 6 hours complete. Does anyone have any recommendations for fast recovery Thank you
  13. powersupport

    how to restrict the user permission to deleting the VMs from external application

    Hi, We have an external application linked with the Proxmox cluster. We have created a user under it and assigned the Administrator role in proxmox (user under PVE authentication). If the user get terminated from the application, May I know if there is an option to remove the permission to...
  14. powersupport

    VMs not migrating when the node is down

    Hi, Today, we have a power failure in one of the nodes and went shutdown, but none of the VMs in the node migrated to another node, may I know if anyone can advise on this? Thank you
  15. powersupport

    how btrfs works

    Hi, I would like to understand more on how btrfs work. In the proxmox server, there are 4 x 1.92TB diskspace, if combined together, there should be about 8TB diskspace, however in the server, there is only about 4TB diskspace available for use. Question:- May I know if this is 1:1 ratio? How...
  16. powersupport

    Add multiple disks to single node proxmox

    Hi, Is it possible to add multiple disks to a single node Proxmox? if so, could you please share with us the possibilities here? Thank you
  17. powersupport

    proxmox integration with WHMCS

    Hi, I am trying to add proxmox to our WHMCS system for automatic VM provisions, but there are many variables in the configurations, anyone can advise on this? What is Check Available Resources and Reset Usage on First Day Of Month, do we need to enable the same, also what is VM CPU Weight and...
  18. powersupport

    how proxmox separate the VMs securely(kvm)

    Hi, Can anyone advise how Proxmox separates the VMs securely in the environment? Thank you
  19. powersupport

    RBD error

    Hi, When I am listing rbd ls -l cephpool getting error as below rbd: error opening vm-121-disk-0: (2) No such file or directory This VM is not exists in the server. how to delete the same Thank you.
  20. powersupport

    proxmox backup issue

    Hi, While taking the backup in the proxmox, it shows the below error. ==== ERROR: Backup of VM 10655 failed - VM 10655 qmp command 'backup' failed - backup connect failed: command error: backup owner check failed (admin@pbs != root@pam) ==== Anyone please advise on this. Thank you.


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