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  1. Remote cluster setup

    If that's a meshed VPN setup where all nodes see each other in the same IP network it may work. Corosync is using unicast UDP packets for the cluster communication.
  2. Remote cluster setup

    You can bridge Layer 2 networks through a VPN between two routers.
  3. Remote cluster setup

    All nodes need to be in the same layer 2 network.
  4. Feature Request: PVE Backup

    Pools are also used for permissions. How would that work if a VM is a member of multiple pools?
  5. HELP!I want to share proxmox ve with my colleagues, but I don't understand its underlying structure.

    Proxmox uses SQLite 3 as database in /var/lib/pve-cluster, which is then distributed on all nodes and available through the FUSE mount /etc/pve and the API resp web GUI.
  6. assign multiple ip to VM using cloud-init

    This is not possible with cloud-init. You would need to run Ansible or similar to add the second IP address.
  7. Proxmox Routing IPv6

    Routing funktioniert bei IPv6 genauso wie bei IPv4, die Netzmasken sind nur größer. Vielleicht möchtest Du eine kleine Router-VM anlegen (pfSense?) und das /48 dorthin routen (über die link-local Adresse). Dann kannst Du in der Router-VM mehrere virtuelle NICs einrichten, die die einzelnen /64...
  8. Fragen zu Ceph

    Ceph funktioniert erst ab drei Knoten mit OSDs, weil die Replikation 3 Kopien anlegen möchte auf drei unabhängigen Hosts. Da dann auf jedem der drei Knoten eine Kopie liegt, wird das zusätzliche Terabyte nicht verwendet werden können. Heterogene Setups (also mit unterschiedlichen OSD-Größen)...
  9. [SOLVED] Hetzner Server with two public IPs, how to assign one IP to one VM?

    If you have the MAC of the VM registered with Hetzner you can build a bridge interface that has enp9s0 as one port. The VM is then able to directly speak layer 2 (Ethernet) with the outside world.
  10. [SOLVED]I need help /dev/mapper/pve-root does not exist

    You still need to add rootdelay=10 to /etc/default/grub and run update-grub to make it reboot persisten.
  11. [SOLVED]I need help /dev/mapper/pve-root does not exist

    rootdelay=10 ist a command line argument to the linux kernel. Add it to the second line of your screenshot.
  12. [SOLVED]I need help /dev/mapper/pve-root does not exist

    Then try to add the rootdelay manually at the GRUB prompt. BTW: This is not Promox' fault but the Linux kernel has to wait for the storage devices to initialise before it can scan for logical volumes.
  13. [SOLVED]I need help /dev/mapper/pve-root does not exist

    When at the initramfs prompt issue the command lvm pvscan -ay. Does this work? Try to resume booting with exiting the prompt via Ctrl-D. As for the boot delay: This has to be added to /etc/default/grub in the variable GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX: "rootdelay=10". And then run update-grub
  14. [SOLVED] cephadm: No module named 'remoto' after PVE update

    AFAIK Proxmox does not use cephadm to deploy its Ceph cluster. Have you tried to disable this MGR module?
  15. Unique device ID for virtual hard disks?

    You could also create a random serial number (UUID ?) for each virtual disk.
  16. Proxmox Ceph Cluster for prodution service

    What is that device precisely? Is that just an NVMe disk? How large is it? How many HDDs will you put into one node? There is usually a ratio of 5-6 HDDs for one SSD/NVMe where the faster device stores the RocksDB/WAL of the slower devices.
  17. assign multiple ip to VM using cloud-init

    I don't think this is possible with cloud-init. Cloud-init is meant to make the newly deployed machine available over the network for other automation tools to take over. Configure your second IP address with e.g. Ansible after the VM is up and running.
  18. ceph: unable to create OSDs over iscsi

    It's a bad idea. Ceph OSDs want to run on local storage. Besides: You already have a RAID6 inside your MD3800i, don't you?
  19. Cant Get GFS2 filesystem to mount on reboot

    dlm.service needs [Unit] After=pve-ha-crm.service to be able to mount GFS2 on boot.


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