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  1. Debian İnstall Error

    Hi, Defining Non-Subscription Warehouse Addresses, deb buster main contrib deb buster pmg-no-subscription deb buster/updates main contrib apt-get install proxmox-mailgateway When I Do...
  2. E-Mail wird nicht auf dem Tracking- und LOG-Bildschirm angezeigt

    Hallo Proxmox-Team, Ich habe das Routing pro Domäne auf dem Zimbra-Server implementiert. Wenn ich E-Mails an Hotmail und GMail-Adresse sende, sende ich E-Mails im Proxmox Monitoring Center und in den LOG-Datensätzen. Meine Adresse wird über Proxmox als ausgehendes Gateway...
  3. Webinterface-Anmeldeproblem

    Hallo, Ich teste PMG-Produkt in unserer Firma, Root kann mit SSh mit dem Server verbunden werden, Ich kann mich ordnungsgemäß beim Root-Passwort anmelden. Ich kann mich nicht nur mit dem Webinterface-Root anmelden. Anmeldefehler fehlgeschlagen, Wie kann ich das Problem lösen?
  4. Accepting Only Allowed Attachments

    Hi Proxmox Team, I'm Adapting on our Proxmox MG Structure, Instead of Blocking Individual Mail Attachments, Accept Only Specific Mail Attachments How Can I Write the Rule?
  5. Mail Not Displayed on Tracking and LOG Screen

    Hi Proxmox Team, I Implemented Routing as Per Domain on Zimbra Server, When I Send Mail to Hotmail and GMail Address, I Send Mail in Proxmox Monitoring Center and LOG Records, My Address is Used as Outgoing Gateway via Proxmox When I Send Mail to Address, it...
  6. Web Interface Login Problem

    Hi, I am testing PMG product in our company, Root can be connected to the server with SSh, I can login properly to root password, I Can't Login With Web Interface Root Only, Login Failed Error, How Can I Solve The Problem ?
  7. Hk Add Disclamer Exit Problem

    Hi, Zimbra Mail Server is Used in Our Company, I Activate Add Disclaimer Configuration on PMG, Disclaimer Text Is Automatically Added When I Test It With Input Parameter, Disclaimer Text Is Not Included When I Test Only With Output Parameter, What Operations Should I Take for Control Purposes?
  8. Domain Names on the Same Zimbra Server Are Not Displayed in the PMG Panel

    Hi Proxmox Team, I use Zimbra Server in our company, I have identified a domain name on the Zimbra for testing purposes on Proxmox, When I Send and Reply Mail to the Account on Proxmox Mail Gateway via Hotmail and GMail, Email Address is Displayed in Panel Registration and Tracking Center, When...
  9. I don't know how to use a configuration

    Hello Proxmox Team, Zimbra Mail is Used in Our Company Structure, When I Install Proxmox for a Domain Name, I Showed the Address I Assigned to Proxmox as an MX Address, I Opened TCP 25 and 26 Ports From My Proxmox Server, Public DNS It Does Not Work When I Show It, It Sends Proxmox Linked...


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