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  1. Resetting network settings to default

    I am used to setting the bond in PVE then changing VMBR0 to the bond but made a mistake in PBS as its a little different and set the IP the same for EN0 and the bond and now can’t get in. I tried to SSH into
  2. Installing separate Proxmox without clustering

    I have a single server running proxmox 4.4 that is backing up to a NAS. I am wanting to install another Proxmox server running 4.4 as well for development and also as a backup. Will there be any issues adding them both to the same domain and then connecting it to the NAS to restore if needed?
  3. Failed backup on possible locked VM

    I had a failed backup happen Monday where I had to restart the NFS that froze Tuesday 1 vm worked and the other vm failed here is the out put it looks like its still locked. 104: Jul 11 02:13:47 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 104 (qemu) 104: Jul 11 02:13:47 INFO: status = running 104: Jul 11...
  4. help full OSD need help

    I showed plenty of room on my ceph when i went to move a disk but its says 1 osd full so i stopped move but it still shows error how do i delete the move and go back to using the vm where it was
  5. images being backed up on their own with out backup setting

    Here is my back up settings and shots of my 2 vm's 103 and 105 that were backed up this morning. I have these 2 VM's set to only back up once a week one on sat and one Sunday by itself as it is big and I am backing up sql daily. So strange as I can't find a reason looking at the settings that...
  6. How to take node down without affecting cluster

    Seems like every time I take a node down it starts a cascade affect I need to move a server into a rack and wanted to know if I was missing something on what I need to do to take it down properly.
  7. False Fencing Issue

    I came from Vmware and have been happy with Proxmox the one dark spot is it seems like my cluster is doing false fences. Where it just takes down a node randomly and fences the VM. Also if I take down one node manually it seems to restart all of my nodes which doesn't make any sense. I check the...
  8. help OSD no reply issue

    We were running all of our interfaces for storage and lan over a dell power connect but wanted to separate out ceph on its on switch so we got a netgear smartplus jgs524e we installed it on the 6th. Randomly starting at 10:33a I started getting a now reply on osd5 which is on my pm04 node. When...
  9. vmbr0: received packet on bond0 with own address as source address

    Just want someone to double check this as I had a consultant do it. Attached is the screen shot looks like he set a bridge and a bond with same interfaces my understanding is you only need the bond right and that is why I am getting the error. I only noticed because I got a fence alert that 3 of...
  10. Adding eth1 to linux bridge and best setting

    I just want to make sure I am doing this right before I do so. I have 4 interfaces on a node in my cluster I am wanting to add eth1 for redundancy can I just click edit on linux bridge and add it? I don't have any VM's on this node currently. Then should I use Balance-rr, I am currently in the...
  11. Web Gui not responding correctly in 4.4

    I am running 4.4-1/eb2d6f1e which has been great. Chrome has never worked properly it lets me log in but not move the mouse in console and other quirky things. So I have been using firefox but after a update I am now not able to click on items while logged in so I am currently down to just IE...


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