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  1. Feature Request

    Thats a fair point. Simple. Plenty of people want a simple container service offering. Proxmox serving LXC is fantastic; and works well installed inside a kvm box to deliver this. Take for example a scenario where you 'sell' a proxmox/lxc to a customer. Say.. 1tb storage and 32gb ram...
  2. Feature Request

    Ok.. kvm within kvm is never a good idea. It is very slow! I know you run lxc direct on the host. What I am suggesting is something slightly different. Scenario as follows: - install proxmox on an amazon kvm server. Then use it to serve lxc containers. What this does is to open up an...
  3. Feature Request

    Hello Would it be possible to add a feature in to an upcoming release of proxmox? Essentially - Proxmox makes a fantastic platform for serving LXC contains when running inside a kvm server. The model is simple: - install proxmox into a virtual server. - use proxmox to run lxc containers The...
  4. Meltdown and Spectre Linux Kernel fixes

    Hello Martin I am wondering if there is any possibility of a fix for the kernel on version 3.4 ? I have around 20 odd 3.4 machines which are rather difficult to move across due to the number of openvz containers! Rob
  5. Allow KVM Guest to assign own vlans

    Ok... I have found a solution using this: Essentially I need to force a rescan of the pci bus from the vyos node. --- configure sudo chmod 0777 /sys/bus/pci/rescan sudo echo 1 > /sys/bus/pci/rescan sudo chmod...
  6. Allow KVM Guest to assign own vlans

    This is essentially what I wanted to know. I was hoping for a way to allow the guest machine to determine its own vlan connectivity. This is advantages when running a virtual router.
  7. Allow KVM Guest to assign own vlans

    Ok... So on my default setup I have the following in the interfaces file: --- auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address netmask gateway bridge_ports eth0 bridge_stp off bridge_fd 0 --- So what we are...
  8. Allow KVM Guest to assign own vlans

    I think that what you are referring too is the method by which you 'hot plug' an ethernet device. This is not what I am after. Please re-check the original post I made.
  9. Allow KVM Guest to assign own vlans

    Ok... So what you are saying is that if I take a virtual server - and internally in the guest assign a: eth0.10 device. The eth0.10 will magically pass through vmbr0 on the host - and see the network? I was under the impression that the bridge would drop vlan traffic?
  10. Allow KVM Guest to assign own vlans

    Hi All I am working on a solution where it would be advantages to allow a guest machine to have the ability to assign its own vlans. Essentially I will have a vyos/vyatta box running as a virtual router. Ideally the virtual router will be able to setup a new vlan on the fly. So I guess what...
  11. Raid status (Dell Perc 5i / LSI MegaRAID SAS 8480E)

    This is not really a proxmox tool. Remember. Proxmox just runs on debian. HWRaid is configured independently of of proxmox, but by default will email you the raid status.
  12. Who has experience with Supermicro motherboards and Proxmox

    I have used supermicro - no major issue on that front. My only thoughts on your config at present. ISCSI Performance of any system is critical. It all comes down to disk io. ISCSI can look good, but be aware that you are limited by your Ethernet speed. You MUST go down the route of jumbo...
  13. qCOW2 beats RAW performance in Windows Server 2012 under KVM

    Strange. Must be something else at play. In all my experience - every time I use qcow, my performance dies. Raw performance is close to native! Rob
  14. Updates for Proxmox VE 2.2 - including QEMU 1.3

    Re: AW: Updates for Proxmox VE 2.2 - including QEMU 1.3 Just been reading the qemu 1.3 change log. This feature jumped out at me. "A new block job is supported: live disk mirroring (also known as "storage migration") moves data from an image to another. A new command "block-job-complete" is...
  15. Survey: Do you use KVM or OpenVZ, or both?

    Both. Or rather.. KVM only where absolutely necessary. (windows servers or vyatta routers) Openvz is lightweight... And very fast! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Which backup solution to use for incr/differential backups?

    I use R1SOFT cdp backups for the servers. Works very well :-)
  17. any way to load balance (equivalent to vmware's DRS) with proxmox ?

    IMHO these migrations are not always a good idea. The reason you want to migrate is normally because a node in the cluster is overloaded. Migrating adds load! So you actually make things worse by trying to fix it! Rob
  18. Proxmox on a Raspberry Pi?

    To be honest.. I have done this sort of thing before. I think that in raw performance vs money spent you are better off putting in a 2 u server. 8/12 sas drives and loads of ram, and a dual quad core. You will be able to load on plenty of machines, and by and large out perform the atom CPU...
  19. Proxmox on a Raspberry Pi?

    You could probably get it to run on an alix board... But why? The small systems just don't have the CPU and ram to make a usefull virtualisation platform. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. PCI-DSS Compliance

    What are they used for? I just hope an easy solution exists :) Rob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


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