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  1. The absurdity of migrating a VM vs. restoring a VM from backup

    I can't replicate your results. I have a 3 node cluster. Migration network is on a 10gig network with a small microtik switch. Moving a node with a single disk of 108G takes about 4.5 minutes.
  2. Multi Proxmox, Zentyal as VM on PVE1, but an able to ping PVE2 from a client (no GUI access)

    Rancher is a GUI to manage a kubernetes cluster. Kubernetes is an orchestration tool for containers. It seems to be a winning combination for managing container loads.
  3. Multi Proxmox, Zentyal as VM on PVE1, but an able to ping PVE2 from a client (no GUI access)

    Zentyal does not provide HA. They started down that path a few versions ago before backing away from it. For me Zentyal still manages email and authentication services (AD). I am actively shopping for replacements as Zentyal no longer really fits my needs. I am taking a very hard look at...
  4. Multi Proxmox, Zentyal as VM on PVE1, but an able to ping PVE2 from a client (no GUI access)

    @tburger I briefly worked for Netgate. They are a nice bunch of people. Very solid engineers. It was a good experience overall for me.
  5. Multi Proxmox, Zentyal as VM on PVE1, but an able to ping PVE2 from a client (no GUI access)

    Zentyal has a very convoluted way of defining reservations. First you define an object under network and then under dhcp advanced options you can add static reservations for that object. Confusing to say the least. I have long since moved my dhcp functions over the pfsense. It was a...
  6. Multi Proxmox, Zentyal as VM on PVE1, but an able to ping PVE2 from a client (no GUI access)

    Did you actually set the netmask for the proxmox machines to /32 ie That creates a network of 1. All outbound traffic from would then be sent to the gateway address which you haven't included here. Going off that assumption I suggest instead setting all...
  7. VM/Container stuck at 0% on apt-get

    I'm out of ideas then. I suppose you could try to strace the update process and watch where it is getting hung.
  8. VM/Container stuck at 0% on apt-get

    Is IPV6 enabled on the systemj (type in ifconfig then look for inet6). If so try disabling it. I used to have this happen to me before moving to pfsense as my firewall. Disable IPV6 instructions
  9. VM/Container stuck at 0% on apt-get

    Can you ping Maybe an apt-get clean is in order?
  10. Enable ssh after creating LXC with Ansible

    Eventually you will probably run across the use case of needing the same feature for VM's. This is predicated on the kvm agent being installed. qm guest exec <vmid> -- "wget" "" "-O" "/root/.ssh/authorized_keys" You...
  11. VM/Container stuck at 0% on apt-get

    When testing ping did you use an IP address or a url? I normally ping and then follow up with ping to verify that dns is working.
  12. Temperature

    You can take a look at this thread for another option random-crashing-freezing Adding alerts to what I have already said in that thread can be found in the Notifications Documentation ETA change link to point directly to the post in question instead of the thread in general
  13. Enable ssh after creating LXC with Ansible

    You can push the desired ssh keys into the running container from the proxmox host with something like pct push <vmid> authorized_keys /root/.ssh/authorized_keys That would let you in turn ssh in and start customizing via ansible.
  14. Random crashing/freezing

    I use Netdata extensively where I work. I also have it on all three of my Proxmox nodes at home. I haven't had any problems to speak of.
  15. Random crashing/freezing

    Also, I might suggest setting up an syslog-ng server on another computer and send your logs to it via rsyslog. This might allow the server to gasp out a final message in a situation where the disk subsystem has already expired.
  16. Random crashing/freezing

    Perhaps adding some monitoring tools could help you identify the issue. You can try adding netdata. apt install netdata. You will have to edit the config file to listen on the needed ip addresss (or just for all) It is reachable from https://your-ip-address:19999/ I would recommend...
  17. Random crashing/freezing

    Logs should give you some clue as to what has happened. Is the machine at all responsive? Can you get num-lock or cap-lock to change state? I sort of doubt it but if by some miracle you can interact on the commandline with it in this condition try "dmesg -T" to see what may have happened...
  18. [CLIENT][APP]Aprox - A Proxmox VE Client for Android

    I found him on github but no Aprox codebase.
  19. [SOLVED] Problem with Intel NUC and Proxmox, troubleshooting

    There are a lot of variables to chase here. Maybe add some kind of external monitoring like Zabbix or Monit. You could also install Netdata and configure it to persist data locally. It would give you some metrics to eyeball around the time the problem occurs. Have you considered temperature...
  20. LVM and convertion to vhd

    While I have not investigated the correct method for doing it from the command line, I have converted lvm stored vms by moving the drive to another medium in the web interface. Select the VM in question Select hardware. Select the drive in question. Above you will see "Move Disk" become...


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