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  1. PBS Sync and access rights with the sync

    Hello, We have 2 proxmox clusters, with both an own PBS. Both PBS will sync to each other. An customer would like an own pbs on there location that sync there servers from our DC. I got 2 questions, 1) is it possible to only sync the latest 3 or 4 versions? 2) is it possible to give the user...
  2. pve6to7 upgrade -> corosync-3 stretch repository

    Hello, I'm currently busy with the upgrade from 6 to 7, everything works the only thing there is an corosync-3 repository left with stretch version. Can i remove the repository? See screenshot attached. I double check the wiki but could not find anything about it.
  3. Node randomly reboots

    Hello, We got an 6 node cluster, 1 node randomly reboots (twice this week) after working for months/years correctly. i could not find anything in the logs that can point me to an reason what happens. Specs: 48 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Silver 4214 CPU @ 2.20GHz (2 Sockets) 288gb ram Proxmox Linux...
  4. Latest version?

    Hello, I say some topic with versions 1.0.11, currently we use 1.08 but dont have any updates. Where can we find the latest version?
  5. Ceph network recommendations

    Hello all, Currently we use network bond (2x 10gb) with different vlan's for ceph, internet and between vm's network. We use 2x Arista 7050s switches with channel groups. We're think about expanding our network and add a dual 10gb to every node. What will be the best option? 1) make a bond for...
  6. Proxmox Cluster los node

    Hello, I got switch troubles this weekend, after swapping of the network switch everything was fine again. But currently 1 node is out of the cluster: I tried to add it back to the cluster but it got running vm's so thats not possible. Hope you guys can point me to the right solution. Cluster...
  7. Ceph high latency

    Hello, We got an cluster of 6 servers. 1 server is beeining used as backup server so there are not vm or ceph is not an member of the ceph cluster. 5 servers got 2x e5-2620v4 256gb ddr and 4x 1tb ssd and 1x 4tb ssd. The latency of the 4tb is very high what will cause that the cluster in total...
  8. DL380 with aoc-stgn-i2s 10gb

    Hello, We're migration our hyper-v cluster to proxmox. last week did an supermicro with the stgn-i2s 10gb to proxmox and it was working out of the box. on the supermicro the 10gb card is enp5s0f0 and enp5s0f1 yesterday i installed proxmox on an dl380 g9 with the same stgn-i2s 10gb but i did...
  9. New install force MBR not GPT

    Hello, I'm setting up a test environment because currently we only host hyper-v based servers. The installations goes well but after the installations I found out the servers are installed with the GPT partion table. I tried the installation with a 250GB,320GB and 500GB disk. All the times...


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