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  1. Spice 2d/3d acceleration - how to enable?

    I still get bad performance in v3.4. (using Dell R910, 32core 2 threads 2.26ghz (4 sockets). Should I look into different version? CentOS 6.7 doesnt lag with Spice on that hardware. I have not tested Proxmox v4 yet.
  2. disable encryption for spice (on a trusted network)

    I have tested against CentOS 6.7 and I finally have performance I was looking for (especially using NUMA enabled cores, spice). I wish my hardware could run smoothly under Proxmox. Is there an official list of supported hardware? Right now I'm running under kernel version...
  3. disable encryption for spice (on a trusted network)

    I have noticed a difference on a 4 socket 8 core per cpu system. 256gigs of ram (Dell R910). 2.26ghz with turno mode enabled at the bios. Every VM using dedicated raw raid1 no cache/native mode. (comparing vs Fedora 21). I have dedicated Ethernet interfaces for each thin clients...
  4. USB Passthrough via VM.conf only usb0-usb4 working.

    I have reached the same limitation with usb redirection for spice. usb0: spice usb1: spice usb2: spice usb3: spice usb4: spice usb5: spice usb6: spice and qm start is returning me: vm 100 - unable to parse value of 'usb5' - unknown setting 'usb5' vm 100 - unable to parse value of...
  5. Remote Spice access *without* using web manager

    Awesome. Just what I needed. The script works for me using Fedora thin client. I can really work my way up easily getting a locked down full screen kiosk mode from here. Regards, Marc #!/bin/bash set -e # needs pve-manager >= 3.1-44 usage() { echo "Usage: $0 [-u <string>] [-p...
  6. disable encryption for spice (on a trusted network)

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to disable encryption for my Spice connections. I have a trusted network. I've always run Spice without encryption in libvirtd. I'm doing this knowing I'm guaranteed to get maximum bandwidth and lowest latency. Is this possible with Proxmox? Regards, Marc
  7. Spice 2d/3d acceleration - how to enable?

    Thank you. Good to know it is enabled by default in Proxmox's QXL. I will keep testing! Regards, Marc
  8. Spice 2d/3d acceleration - how to enable?

    Hello everyone, I am trying to figure how I can specify to enable 3d and 2d acceleration in Spice per VM in Proxmox. Do I have to specify it, or is it enabled by default? Regards, Marc


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