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  1. Recover zpool ( insufficient replicas / corrupted data )

    They were added as a mirror, but sdc got removed from pool ( detach ) and pool was running with first mirror + sdd ( for a few weeks ) without any issues. Original setup was - rpool ONLINE mirror-0...
  2. Recover zpool ( insufficient replicas / corrupted data )

    Hello, We have a root ZFS pool running ZFS RAID10. It was limping due to a failed disk removal - so only 1 disk was available in the 2nd mirror. Today the server went down and after rebooting into rescue, we are no longer able to see the pool. Trying to import shows this - root@pve214:# zpool...
  3. Proxmox V6 Servers freeze, Zvol blocked for more than 120s

    Seeing something similar on Intel E3-1230v5 32GB RAM 4x500GB SSD ZFS RAID10 . No load on VM or proxmox and suddenly everything freezes up . Only option is to restart proxmox node.
  4. [TUTORIAL] Advancing Proxmox Mail Gateway (especially Spam and Virus Detection)

    sa-update --nogpg --channel Seems to be having issues - channel: SHA512 verification failed, channel failed
  5. Blacklist recipient after X bounces

    Hello, We are using PMG as an outgoing filtering solution. We want to automatically add a recipient to blacklist if it exceeds X number of bounces. For example, if a sender within our network is trying to send to a non-existent email address. After 5 bounces, please recipient email address...
  6. Retry bounced emails from different IP

    Hello, We are using Proxmox Mail Gateway as a SmartHost / filtering gateway. Currently we have 2 IPs assigned for outbound email and we manually switch to 2nd IP if 1st gets blacklisted ( spam filtering didn't catch some outbound spam) . We want to automate this by retrying bounced emails...
  7. PMG - Different outgoing IP for different trusted server

    Hello, We have a configuration where we have one PMG server with 1 IP on it. We connect 4 servers to this PMG server for outbound mail filtering. We wish to add 3 more public IPs to PMG so that each server connected to PMG sends outbound emails through its own dedicated IP. Currently it is...
  8. Unable to whitelist / blacklist email address or domain

    Hello, I just tried adding , it still shows - Parameter verification failed. (400) pmail: parameter required with role 'root
  9. Unable to whitelist / blacklist email address or domain

    There are no updates available. I am using following repository - # cat pmg-no-subscription.list deb stretch pmg-no-subscription
  10. Delete messages in Queue

    You can use mailq and postsuper commands for the same. Take a look at -
  11. Unable to whitelist / blacklist email address or domain

    Hello, I just installed Proxmox Mail Gateway and during testing, I am unable to whitelist or blacklist any email address or domain through User Blacklist or User Whitelist section. I see this error - Parameter verification failed. (400) pmail: parameter required with role 'root' I am logged...


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