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  1. Assigning secondary IP address using Cloud-Init

    I did read the documentation, it doesn't say anything about multiple IP address assignment. Trying to put multiple "ip=" settings into the ---ipconfigX parameter would result in an error message stating only a single "ip=" setting may be used. Thanks for pointing me to the dev info, Google did...
  2. [SOLVED] Cloud-init IP config with IPv6=auto

    Thanks for pointing me to this, will check on it.
  3. [SOLVED] Cloud-init IP config with IPv6=auto

    Sadly I do need IPv6 with auto-configuration. Found my workaround as stated above it seems but the GUI support should somewhat be improved as the SLAAC option is quite irritating if it is not needed at all.
  4. Assigning secondary IP address using Cloud-Init

    Hi, I would like to assign secondary IP addresses to a single network device using the cloud-init configuration. I can read from the specification that this is possible to do. However, the Proxmox API and frontend does not allow to enter more than a single IP address. It would be great to allow...
  5. [SOLVED] Cloud-init IP config with IPv6=auto

    agent: 1 boot: c bootdisk: scsi0 cipassword: ********** cores: 4 cpu: host ide2: local-zfs:vm-200-cloudinit,media=cdrom,size=5M ipconfig0: ip=,gw=,ip6=auto memory: 4096 name: hostname.domain.tld net0: virtio=99:BE:6B:01:D3:16,bridge=vmbr0 onboot: 1 ostype: l26...
  6. [SOLVED] Cloud-init IP config with IPv6=auto

    Hi, it seems that the generated cloud-init.yaml file has an incorrect format for the network configuration if you set IPv6 to SLAAC for an interface. The resulting file will have "auto/24" as an address which is an incorrect format I believe (a mix of IPv6 "auto" for the address and an IPv4...
  7. Wiki improvement: Web Interface via Nginx Proxy

    Hi, I propose that these lines are added to the article here in order to fix the boot order of the services. Otherwise nginx won't come up correctly after reboot because the certificate files are not available before pve-cluster service was started. sed -i...
  8. PVE4 install: hdsize ignored

    Will do. Is there any kind of workaround as I have to install those nodes today?
  9. PVE4 install: hdsize ignored

    Yes I was using the GUI installer: Choosing the correct harddrive and clicking on "options" afterwards where I just entered the values mentioned before.
  10. PVE4 install: hdsize ignored

    Hi,I am currently installing first 4.0 nodes and it seems the hdsize setting during partitioning is ignored.My disk has 465 available storage so this is the default value for hdsize. Changing it and the other settings as followed:hdsize=350.0maxroot=10swapsize=16minfree=32maxvz=292However, after...
  11. [Proxmox 3.4] Start KVM guest qcow2 image from ZFS store

    Thank you, Tom! Don't know how I could oversee this... (even found it in the Wiki now). :rolleyes:
  12. [Proxmox 3.4] Start KVM guest qcow2 image from ZFS store

    Sorry for the misformatted post... seems I can't even correct it nor can I just do a new one (they all look the same...)
  13. [Proxmox 3.4] Start KVM guest qcow2 image from ZFS store

    Hi,I just setup a brand new install of the new Proxmox 3.4 version and of course I wanted to use ZFS for everything.However, after creating my first KVM machine it seems one can't start any virtual machine storing it's files on a ZFS volume :-(This is the error I got: I was wondering weather...
  14. Fairly high CPU load after passing through USB serial device

    Now that I wasn't able to find any solution, I removed the USB dongle from the virtual machine and installed it's software on the Proxmox host instance itself. Not a good solution, but it works.
  15. Fairly high CPU load after passing through USB serial device

    Hi folks, I'm running Proxmox VE 3.3 on my home server (Intel NUC i5) with very high satisfaction :D I had to connect a USB serial dongle device to one of my virtual KVM hosts so I added "usb0: host=2-4" to it's configuration file as stated in the Wiki. It's working fine in general. However...
  16. KVM 1.1-rc3 - pvetest repository

    Hi, I am currently waiting for kvm-intel module to support nested KVM guests. Will this be included in that update? If yes, I can't wait for it (unfortunately I don't have a dedicated test machine available to start my planned testing activities with nested guests already :-() If no, would...
  17. Enhanced entropy availability in containers / RNGd

    It seems I found a solution for this. Installing haveged via "aptitude install haveged" seems to produce better entropy. ( Although I don't have any longterm experience yet, maybe this is worth to be mentioned in the Wiki as a recommended extension for a...
  18. Enhanced entropy availability in containers / RNGd

    Hi, I would need better random numbers available in one container as it is too low to setup needed software: cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail 138 I installed rngd daemon on the host to improve entropy availability which basically works for the host itself (I know using urandom is not...
  19. Testing KVM appliances in an already virtualized environment

    Hi all, I have a running installation of Proxmox VE 2 beta which is working like a charm! I'm really happy with it :D For testing purposes and to avoid crashing my host during extensively testing new appliances I took another installation of PVE right into an KVM virtual machine on my PVE...


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