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  1. PBS 1.1.10-1 to 1.1.12-1 broken?

    PVE 6.4-13 with PBS co-installed, working well for many days... As usual, I've apt-get update (from Web-interface), three packages proxmox-backup-* pending... well, I've pressed button to apt-get dist-upgrade, no strange messages. But PBS Web-interface on 8007 port doesn't responding, PBS...
  2. zpool iostat -v in PVE web interface

    What is of great use in this form with eternal nulls other than zpool structure? Why not to use more informative output of zpool iostat -v command here?
  3. ksm-control-daemon vs ksmtuned installation

    I've usually installed Proxmox VE two ways: using downloaded official ISO image (flash drive, "bare metal") using apt install proxmox-ve over the Debian 10 on Hetzner dedicated server (Instruction). Then I've noticed not working KSM in second case... yes, ksm-control-daemon wasn't installed...
  4. PVE update: Backups failed on LXCs with bind mount points

    All three fresh updated PVEs failed to backup LXCs with bind mount points, tasks' logs got errors like: INFO: filesystem type on dumpdir is 'zfs' -using /var/tmp/vzdumptmp7820_210 for temporary files INFO: Starting Backup of VM 210 (lxc) INFO: Backup started at 2020-11-20 04:34:03 INFO: status =...
  5. Failed to boot proxmox-ve_6.2-1.iso SHA256 d8...b8bff

    May be something wrong with the last ISO image d8fb3cfba19d38aa0c05452a954150f96e3ee455a36d52427aa26e6906fb8bff proxmox-ve_6.2-1.iso It was succesfully downloaded on my Zalman ZM-VE300 USB-HDD, as usual, into _ISO directory. File itself is reading OK, SHA256 checksum is OK too. But I can't...
  6. tcp/8007

    Beta is so beta... There is no any note in documentation describing what URL or port is used by Proxmox Backup Server :( I've spent all my evening trying to manage PBS (installed via apt-get on my PVE server) via ProxmoxVE (!) web-interface (tcp/8006) instead of... until I've feel it weird and...
  7. Persistent storage on ZFS for LXC

    Hello, friends! I need your professional recommendation or best practice advice. Well, I've fresh Proxmox installation fully on ZFS mirror of two HDDs. Some VMs and CTs created, etc... all works well. Then, I want to make a CT for backups (restic/borgbackup/rsync), general file storage...


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