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  1. BTRFS eats my diskspace

    To answer my question, long story short: btrfs fi defrag 103/vm-103-disk-0/disk.raw After all I read about btrfs i came to the conclusion to not use btrfs for vm images again in the next years
  2. BTRFS eats my diskspace

    Hi, I recently installed a proxmox server with local-btrfs It is a 2 Disk raid 1 with size 1.8 TB btrfs fi usage / tells me that 1.67 TB are in use In fact only 934 GB are in Files on the disk When checking the diskspace with the btrfs tool btdu I can see that the disk space of the vms is...
  3. Backup Server too slow, IO on VM stalled during Backup

    Well, in the Hoster environment the main Problem is the shared 1 GBit/s uplink to the proxmox server which is used by several vms+Backup This 1GBit/s Uplink is the main Bottleneck. I cannot change that within budget so i somehow have to live with it and work around.
  4. Backup Server too slow, IO on VM stalled during Backup

    Hi, I have a setup at a Hoster where the Proxmox VM Server is damned fast using NVMEs and the Proxmox Backup Server is terrible slow, for example network Bandwidth sometimes is only 30 MB/s What happens now: The Backup ov VM starts really fast with let's say 500 MB/s reading speed. The Proxmox...
  5. To cluster 2 pve Servers at my Hoster or not ?

    A customer has 2 Servers at Hetzner in 2 Different IP subnets and in 2 Different Datacenters and asked me to modernize them. I would install a proxmox pve distribution on each server. Does someone have experiences if it is a good idea to cluster the servers in a pve cluster ? I could easily...
  6. How to run redundant read only copy of Proxmox Backup Server

    I have a Proxmox Backup Server in Data Center and would like to have a copy in another location. Proxmox Sync is no option, there is not enough online Bandwidth Tape also is no option, we will not invest again in tape technology I am taking a differential zfs snapshot on harddisk from...
  7. PVE7 / PBS2 - Backup Timeout (qmp command 'cont' failed - got timeout)

    I confirm, still the same problem qmp command 'query-pbs-bitmap-info' failed - got timeout also here ...
  8. Replicate Backups to Offsite on media instead of online ?

    Thanks for inspiring me, this sounds like a good start. Yes the datastore is a zfs dataset. I am thinking about an initial zfs synchronisation on site and then only transferring differential snapshots. They should fit on an external drive for transport.
  9. PVE7 / PBS2 - Backup Timeout (qmp command 'cont' failed - got timeout)

    I still have the query-pbs-bitmap-info error even with my timeout modification and the newest 2.0.14 packages. My Backup Server is also not so slow, it is a 4 mirror 8 disk zfs raid 10 and even has zfs special devices on nvme. Also the server ist idle during backup time and not doing anything...
  10. Replicate Backups to Offsite on media instead of online ?

    I have a Backup Server with around 30TB of Backup Data. I would like to take all Backups offsite once a week. Unfortunately the daily change of Backup Blocks are so many that we cannot replicate them online. I mean it would be complete overkill to have a 10 GBit/s Line only for replicating...
  11. PVE7 / PBS2 - Backup Timeout (qmp command 'cont' failed - got timeout)

    I applied the patch, now I get another error message. Yes, the Backup Server at Hetzner is a little slower than my servers in my own datacenter. But it is not really slow. () INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 104 --node zw-pm-1 --mode snapshot --storage backups21 --remove 0 INFO: Starting...
  12. VM IO drops to near 0

    Whats also new in my case is that I have my images on local-btrfs . @aaron, do you also use btrfs ?
  13. Disk cache settings for VMs on BTRFS

    Anyone found out what is the recommended setting of cache mode for vm images on btrfs ? none or writeback ?
  14. VM IO drops to near 0

    i have a setup at hetzner with a pbs an 8 drive zfs raid10 Here every time when a vm is backed up to the backup server the vm will crash with io/errors and cpu stalls. If you need an environment to repdroduce the errors i can provide access to the setup
  15. VM IO drops to near 0

    Same here, no Problems with fast backup server hardware and fast servers. But on a proxmox environment at a hoster i see the same. It seems that during backups blocks are locked for write until they are completely written to the backup server. If this takes too long vm will crash. On the vms i...
  16. PVE7 / PBS2 - Backup Timeout (qmp command 'cont' failed - got timeout)

    I have changed } else { $timeout = 3; # default to } else { $timeout = 8; # default in line 134 of /usr/share/perl5/PVE/ , restarted the pve daemons for service in pvedaemon.service pveproxy.service pvestatd.service ;do echo "systemctl...
  17. PVE7 / PBS2 - Backup Timeout (qmp command 'cont' failed - got timeout)

    Same issue here, freshly installed backup server . all backups are working but i cannot backup one vm. Debugged for hours without any success INFO: started backup task 'f076c6d3-2cb2-4bca-bc7d-b87a765c3db6' INFO: resuming VM again ERROR: VM 103 qmp command 'cont' failed - got timeout
  18. Slow garbage collection on PBS

    I had the same Problem. Solution was I added a mirror of small SSDs to the ZFS Datastore as "Special Device" , copied all backup data and deleted the original data. Afterwards the garbage collection was running in about 30 Minutes. Before I used the special Device it took about 20 hours.
  19. Scripted export of latest Backup image file possible ?

    Thanks for your ideas so far. I will play a little with the map function and see if it is fast enough ....
  20. Scripted export of latest Backup image file possible ?

    We would like to regularly keep backups of Data outside of the Building. The full datastore including history of all Backups of all Machines does not fit on external disks and is too much for Internet syncing. I would like to somehow export the latest image of each vm once a week to an external...


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