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  1. Optimize performance of noVNC

    Hello Guys, I was thinking to optimize the overall performance of noVNC, I did check and HTTP2 is not enabled by default in Proxmox. Maybe with http2 possible to speedup noVNC and reduce the latency (?)? Any ideas?
  2. Proxmox network configuration for Hetzner Failover IP

    Hello Dear users , I'm trying to configure a hetzner's failover IP in Proxmox VE (4.4) with these configuration: auto vmbr2 iface vmbr2 inet static address <MY-IP> netmask pointopoint <MY-IP> gateway <MY-IP> bridge_ports eth0...
  3. [SOLVED] Apply network changes without reboot

    I found the solutions here:
  4. [SOLVED] Apply network changes without reboot

    Hello , I've added new bridge in Proxmox but Server are in production. Is it possible to apply changes without reboot? I've search about it , but I think pvenetcommit is deprecated now because I can't find it in /etc/init.d/ .
  5. Best method for clustering [Failover + HA] with 3 Node

    When We will have PVE 4.0 stable release?
  6. Best method for clustering [Failover + HA] with 3 Node

    Hi , I'm newbie in using Proxmox for production servers and once I tried to cluster two node with each other but I failed. Now I want cluster 3 Server and one NAS storage with each other and My point is have failover and High availability for 2 or 3 VM's. What is best method for having this...
  7. pve-root 100% after backup failed

    Also It's not in mounted disks. root@node1:~# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on udev 10M 0 10M 0% /dev tmpfs 7.1G 432K 7.1G 1% /run /dev/mapper/pve-root 95G 94G 0...
  8. pve-root 100% after backup failed

    It's seems not mounted correctly , Right? root@node1:~# findmnt TARGET SOURCE FSTYPE OPTIONS / /dev/mapper/pve-root ext3...
  9. pve-root 100% after backup failed

    Hello all , I did run a backup task for a container with this status: INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 109 --remove 0 --mode snapshot --compress lzo --storage ExternalDisk --node node1 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 109 (openvz) INFO: CTID 109 exist mounted running INFO: status = running...
  10. VM is locked , Cannot unlock

    Fixed: I fixed the cman then unlock the VM. Love you guys.
  11. VM is locked , Cannot unlock

    Yes , It's mounted. /dev/fuse 30M 24K 30M 1% /etc/pve I must umount /dev/fuse from server ? BTW I'm very very appreciate for your replies.
  12. VM is locked , Cannot unlock

    Yes , I'm sorry. But I tried pmxcfs too. root@node1:/etc/ssh# pmxcfs -l [main] notice: unable to aquire pmxcfs lock - trying again [main] crit: unable to aquire pmxcfs lock: Resource temporarily unavailable [main] notice: exit proxmox configuration filesystem (-1) absolutely I'll get a...
  13. VM is locked , Cannot unlock

    Hello , When I run this command: service cman stop There is no output , and about remove cluster.conf , I got this error: root@node1:/etc/pve# rm -rf cluster.conf rm: cannot remove `cluster.conf': Permission denied As I mentioned before , I cannot append / add / remove any thing in /etc/. :(
  14. VM is locked , Cannot unlock

    Here for cluster.conf root@node1:~# rm -r /etc/pve/cluster.conf rm: cannot remove `/etc/pve/cluster.conf': Permission denied but rm /etc/cluster is ok and now I checked there is no /etc/cluster anymore. Also my biggest problem is I cannot unlock the VM , I'm getting this error: root@node1:~#...
  15. VM is locked , Cannot unlock

    Dear Tom , Thanks for your reply but the problem is , I cannot create / remove / modify any files in /etc.
  16. VM is locked , Cannot unlock

    So clustering in PVE is a one way road and cannot return ?
  17. VM is locked , Cannot unlock

    Also as I mentioned before , I decluster servers a long time ago :D and here is my cluster.conf now: <?xml version="1.0"?> <cluster name="Dummy Name" config_version="4"> <cman keyfile="/var/lib/pve-cluster/corosync.authkey"> </cman> <clusternodes> </clusternodes> </cluster>...
  18. VM is locked , Cannot unlock

    Hi Udo , No just one of nodes is running , like before. Permission denied When I tried to make dummy file, also pvecm is stopped because cman is not running and cman cannot start because of this error: Starting cluster: Checking if cluster has been disabled at boot... [ OK ] Checking...


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