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  1. BTRFS and VM replication

    I am testing Proxmox with BTRFS and I missed VM replication. VM migration works fine. Is there any roadmap for VM replication on BTRFS? I tested using Proxmox version 7.2.7 Thanks, Ricardo Jorge
  2. Quorum Activity blocked after node maintenance

    Hi, I have a cluster with 3 nodes : PVE-01, PVE-02 and PVE-03 On yesterday PVE-02 was shut down for maintenance and when put back into operation was no longer recognized in the cluster. Here are some info I've got so far : - root@pve-02:~# pveversion pve-manager/6.0-8/b6b80da7 (running...
  3. PVE 6.0-8 - Failed to bump fs.file-max

    Hi, This message appears on boot : "systemd[1]: Failed to bump fs.file-max, ignoring: Invalid argument" Linux pve-02 5.0.21-2-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.0.21-6 (Fri, 27 Sep 2019 17:17:02 +0200) x86_64 Looks like a confirmed bug on systemd. Regards, Ricardo Jorge
  4. Seagate - SMART Prefailure Attribute

    I hope this helps someone else. After building a new PVE server I noticed some smartd errors but testing the disks using smartctl does not show any problem. I found these 2 links about Seagate errors : - -...
  5. Replication error on 6.0-5 versions

    Hi, I'm testing some DR scenarios and came to errors in replication. There is no HA configuration for the single VM I'm using for this test. Scenario is : - 3 Proxmox 6.0-5 version configured to work in Cluster mode - Nodes are named pve-t01 / pve-t02 / pve-t03 - Just one VM that is in...
  6. Spice / remote-viewer / acpi to VM

    Hi, I have 18 Windows 10 VMs accessed by Spice and it is working very well. The only problem is that some users from time to time force a poweroff of their physical machines (all Debian 9) by pressing the power button and the associated VM also goes off. I found here someone with a similar...
  7. Proxmox GlusterFS performance tests

    Hi, This message is to ask you guys if anybody else can share gluster experience as a Proxmox shared storage. I decided to give GlusterFS a try and the performance was really bad when I started. As I have only one environment where I can test it, all the tests have the same machines and I...
  8. PVE 5.4 live migration issue

    Hi, I'm testing live migration function in my LAB and I can not succeed if VM is "live". Migration only owrks if VM is powered off. This is a really smal VM ( Tiny Linux ) with 2 GB disk and 512 MB RAM There is always an error message : ====================================== 019-06-23...
  9. Proxmox 5.4 installation on existing zfs pool

    Hi, I was testing version 5.4 on a test node running 5.2 During the installation process there were no errors but when I rebooted PVE can not start due a ZFS pool ID error message. I went to the installation process twice but it only succeed when I boot with another Debian DVD and remove all...
  10. PVE 5.4 - strange charcaters on container restore

    Hi, I was restoring some containers and during the process there are strange characters like : Restoring VM has no such characters. My system locale is Brazilain Portuguese Regards, Ricardo Jorge
  11. PVE 5.4 LVM error message on startup

    Hi, I just installed PVE 5.4 in a single ( /dev/sda ) HD as I'm using BtrFS on the other 2 HD ( /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc ) for my LAB environment. I selected ext4 from installation Menu. As so, PVE installation created a LVM volume in this single drive When I boot there is a message at very...
  12. Container slow backup

    Hi, Here in my lab I noticed that container backup are very slow compared to VM backups. I mean even a small container takes much more time to backup them a "bigger" VM. Tests were made on version 5.3 and local ZFS storage Can someone comment on that ? Regards, Ricardo Jorge
  13. PVE 5.4 spice disable-ticketing

    Hi, I just installed version 5.4 in my lab and restored one Linux VM ( Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop ) to test. I usually put "args" in VM conf file like this, to have direct access to spice : args: -device AC97,addr=0x18 -spice port=3200,addr=,disable-ticketing I use Remmina to connect to the...
  14. Backup - uninitialized value $type

    I noticed a message while backing up a Linux VM to external storage ( NAS with NFS V4 ). Message is : "Use of uninitialized value $type in string eq at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/ line 2026." I'm running PVE 5.3.5 Is this really a problem or just a warning ? Looks like there is...
  15. High CPU usage and bad VM performance

    Hi, This afternoon without any change : - No PVE configuration change - No hardware change - No new VM and nothing was delete as well ( most VMs are Windows 10 ) VMs become very slow and I noticed that CPU usage was very high like 35 for the last minute in an 8 core CPU ( 16...
  16. IO Delay drill down

    Hi there, Is anyone able to drill down IO delay like per VM ? I'm trying to find which VM is generating the most IO cycles to fine tuning VM and / or environment. Even using external tools from VM or from PVE. I,m running PVE 5.2 with ZFS in a single server Thanks in advance, Ricardo Jorge
  17. History Graph for io delay

    Is there a way to see history graph for io delay ? It will be great to have such information for capacity planning and troubleshooting. Regards, Ricardo Jorge


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