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  1. [SOLVED] [BUG] Proxmox's qemu and Debian 8 virtio drivers (as VM guest)

    OK, as tests showed, the problem is only when I set performance.write-behind: on There are no problems with read-ahead on. Gluster devs said they will try to find out where exactly mistake is and fix, if it is possible to. They need to track the IO pattern during the installation process of D8...
  2. [SOLVED] [BUG] Proxmox's qemu and Debian 8 virtio drivers (as VM guest)

    not yet. I'm on vacation atm. After I'm done with it, I've got some tests to do requested by glusterfs devs. We've got to clear it out, which option of these two does not work right and then they can see if they could do something to translators or it's virtio or even Debian8 bug (as i mentioned...
  3. Feature Request: Restore images to right storage

    Hi, Got this problem: migrating some of my VM to other Node (not in a cluster) usin dump/restore method. But if I dump a VM, which has multiple disks on different storages, I end up with a single file (well, ok with that). When I try to restore, I can choose only one destination storage. What...
  4. [SOLVED] [BUG] Proxmox's qemu and Debian 8 virtio drivers (as VM guest)

    these are gluster volume VOLNAME set OPTION. not a file.
  5. [SOLVED] [BUG] Proxmox's qemu and Debian 8 virtio drivers (as VM guest)

    Guys, its an epic win. Yesterday had another advice from GlusterFS devs, the problem is solved after I added: performance.write-behind: off off to the volume config. I'll populate recommended config for volumes and qemu as soon as I test them enough, so someone could...
  6. [SOLVED] [BUG] Proxmox's qemu and Debian 8 virtio drivers (as VM guest)

    Just to sum thing up: D8 fails to install on glusterfs storage that is used by Proxmox qemu for VM storage. Another affected Distros: Only D8 (D7, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Centos7, Centos6 tested and working) D8 works if glusterfs is mounted via NFS, but this way libgfapi is not used !! D8 works on...
  7. [SOLVED] [BUG] Proxmox's qemu and Debian 8 virtio drivers (as VM guest)

    meanwhile is there any chance to get updated kvm-qemu and qemu-server with current release? At least from pve-test repository? I've got one node I can restart pretty often, so can check it there (the most important, that node could boot with new changes :) )
  8. jfs module missing?

    toni.patroni tnx for chilling me down... tom, dietmar, community, I'm sorry about things I wrote in #8. Those are just emotions and result of red-eyes-effect due to not sleeping a lot last 2 months trying to figure out, why only D8 installation fails with gluster devs and one of them is from US...
  9. jfs module missing?

    yes, i lose :) technically - not. But I can't restart servers that often. So i'd better wipe out partitions with new FS. All I'm trying to say is for me this time such huge change was not deadly, but could be for some1 else if ie root partition was under JFS. I do understand, that fully tested...
  10. jfs module missing?

    As this was our first node, we decided to use jfs there for local storage (backup and isos) and logs as it really pretty good FS, which uses very low cpu. XFS is not a good option, as there are a lot of problems with it, when you use GlusterFS. The most popular is about time-out due to lock or...
  11. [SOLVED] [BUG] Proxmox's qemu and Debian 8 virtio drivers (as VM guest)

    Hello Tom, Thanks for your reply. Do you mean Proxmox 4.0beta? I will try as soon, as I get some hardware.
  12. [SOLVED] [BUG] Proxmox's qemu and Debian 8 virtio drivers (as VM guest)

    Hi, This thread is a result of my previous thread here I crated new thread to get some attention, as there was not much activity on the previous one (devs attention, I mean of course :) ) So, I've been debugging this...
  13. [SOLVED] debian jessie kvm installation

    thanx. these two seem to me weird: performance.write-behind: off performance.write-behind-window-size: 4MB if its off why you specify its window-size? but well, it does not matter anyway. Doesn't seem like some of these options could really affect something
  14. jfs module missing?

    cool. I had my backups, logs and templates with jfs mounted. =( sad to loose data with simple apt-get dist-upgrade. I can't boot with older kernel, its semi-production server.
  15. jfs module missing?

    Hi, What happened to jfs?? Linux pve1 2.6.32-39-pve #1 SMP Wed Jun 24 06:39:42 CEST 2015 x86_64 GNU/Linux root@pve1:~# modprobe jfs FATAL: Module jfs not found. root@pve1:~# find /lib/modules -name jfs.ko /lib/modules/2.6.32-22-pve/kernel/fs/jfs/jfs.ko...
  16. [SOLVED] debian jessie kvm installation

    filled a bug on glusterfs
  17. qemu logs

    Hi, Is there any place I can see qemu maximum detailed logs?
  18. [SOLVED] debian jessie kvm installation

    How your glusterfs is configured? you add storage via promox GUI or from console? I do not use caching for any VM and they run well. But thanks for sharing your experience. Could you describe you setup please?
  19. [SOLVED] debian jessie kvm installation

    devs, please consider creating this type of lab, it seems it proxmox's fault.
  20. [SOLVED] debian jessie kvm installation

    It seems it is proxmox or debian fault! other (ovirt ie) VEs run D8 without problems on glusterfs.


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