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    bugs related to ceph and disk move

    I'll be brief. 1) when moving between different ceph pools and they have different premissions (I don't yet know which one it chokes on), and you see this in the move log: mount: /var/lib/lxc/2003/.copy-volume-1: WARNING: source write-protected, mounted read-only. then expect the destination...
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    Are group acls broken in v6.4?

    I was fighting to create an already tested state of: "a group [member] who can only manage users within the group foo" and kept failing, and I was thinking it's me: # pveum acl modify /access/realm/pve -groups vmadmin -roles PVEUserAdmin 400 Parameter verification failed. path: invalid ACL path...
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    [SOLVED] restarting lxcfs kicks running containers in the balls

    How to restart lxcfs, or, rather, how to resurrect /proc on running containers? If lxcfs gets restarted by some or other reason all the CT's get choked: # ps awuxf Error: /proc must be mounted To mount /proc at boot you need an /etc/fstab line like: proc /proc proc defaults In...
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    container backup is slow

    On my Large container the pbs takes 25 hours now. The same contaner with backuppc (incremental, rsync) takes about 90 minutes. Backing up a VM image is fast. (Non-incremental backuppc take 12 - 40 hours.) It seems pbs could use a feature where files with old atime/mtime would be skipped.
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    Backup progress percent or bar or else?

    Would it be good to have some progress bar for running backups? Right now I've got a CT showing "created new dynamic index 2" for 20+ hours....
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    [SOLVED] Missing chunks, how to fix - update atime failed for chunk - ENOENT: No such file or directory

    2020-08-25T10:21:57+02:00: WARN: warning: unable to access chunk xx, required by "/mnt/datastore/pub/ct/666/2020-08-21T02:33:47Z/root.pxar.didx" - update atime failed for chunk "/mnt/datastore/pub/.chunks/fa39/xxx" - ENOENT: No such file or directory This have been killing GC (which is fixed in...
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    [SOLVED] garbage collection spam logs by repeatedly failing due to running backup

    There is a backup taking 12h+, which is okay. GC is daily. Now, GC isn't happy when trying to clean up files of an active backup: 2020-08-23T18:34:00+02:00: starting garbage collection on store pub 2020-08-23T18:34:00+02:00: task triggered by schedule 'daily' 2020-08-23T18:34:00+02:00: Start...
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    corosync 3.0.2-pve4 memory leak

    I have a (possibly unrelated) problem where one cluster member's TOTEM keep generateing retransmits from other nodes or local timeouts. When I checked nodeC kept joining and leaving the cluster, about 50 per seconds. Restarting corosync resulted the same. It turned out however that on other...
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    [pve6] ceph lumi to nautilus guide problem: Required devices (block and data) not present for bluest

    # ceph-volume simple scan stderr: lsblk: /var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-2: not a block device stderr: Bad argument "/var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-2", expected an absolute path in /dev/ or /sys or a unit name: Invalid argument Running...
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    FYI Firefox nightly (68.0a1 (2019-03-25)) won't display ui anymore

    NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED: ext-all.js:22 ExtJS 4 getKeys readLocalStorage constructor callParent constructor https://x:8006/pve2/js/pvemanagerlib.js?ver=5.2-8:2238 ExtJS 3 g anonymous create initComponent...
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    Upgrade breaks pvestatd against CTs

    Mar 19 01:10:30 freddy pvestatd[2324627]: lxc status update error: can't open '/sys/fs/cgroup/blkio/lxc/117/ns/blkio.throttle.io_service_bytes' - No such file or directory Mar 19 01:10:34 freddy pvestatd[2324627]: lxc console cleanup error: can't open...
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    [SOLVED] update from jessie fail: gnutls_handshake() failed: Public key signature verification has failed.

    I'm opening this issue here to actually document the solution. Upgrading from jessie to stretch, or actually from older to newer may result a non-working https repo which fail the certificate verification. The problem occurs when there was either no way to perform a dist-upgrade first, or...
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    service 'ct:123' without node

    set CT to "ignore" in the HA web GUI delete CT At that point you have an entry in ha config without a node, which cannot be removed, and keeps logging errors.
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    CRIU / LXC online migration status

    I would really appreciate a thread where there would be a continuous, complete status report about LXC online migration; I mean: what have you done to make it work; why it doesn't work now; who and what should be done to make it work; is there any timeframe for that; i$ there any way to $peed...
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    [SOLVED] [cpu::cores] pct in v5 diverges from documentation

    In proxmox5 cpu setting have diverged from all the documentation. It seems that cores setting is gone, as well as cpusets, and right now only cpulimit prevailed. First, documentation thinks otherwise. Very probably should be updated. Second, this may be a problem if the programs in the...
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    Clear HA error status from the GUI

    It would be neat to have a HA function on the gui to actually clear the error status of the given CT/VM. HA have the bad tendency to put stuff in error when it had timeout, or generally holding some grudge against me. It'd do no harm: if it's still bad, it'll go into error again anyway...
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    [SOLVED] web gui keeps jumping to the selected host in server view

    When the ct/vm list is long and scrolling, and something is selected, then the list jumps there after a few seconds no matter where I have scrolled it. Unspeakably annoying. :-) [By the way the firefox mouse scrolling of the menu is still not working. It's been, what, half a year now?] This is...
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    [SOLVED] px5+ceph : TypeError: checks[key].summary is undefined

    Ceph dashboard became very unreliable, the javascript in the gui seems to neglect to even retrieve the data. I've seen one response with "500 / partial read" on trying to retrieve the pool data, but most often I see the webconsole: TypeError: checks[key].summary is undefined possibly it gets...
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    [px5] new CT fail to start: mknod: …/rootfs/dev/rbd3: Operation not permitted

    [proxmox5] Newly created unprivileged lxc container fails to start. The failure is rather ugly, since there is basically no info on it: Aug 16 00:25:25 elton lxc-start[39248]: lxc-start: tools/lxc_start.c: main: 366 The container failed to start. Aug 16 00:25:25 elton lxc-start[39248]...
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    proxmox 5.0 live migration fails

    This doesn't seem to be the already mentioned ssh problem (which is at 1:7.4p1-10 anyway): Jul 11 18:34:38 copying disk images Jul 11 18:34:38 starting VM 103 on remote node 'bowie' Jul 11 18:34:40 start remote tunnel Jul 11 18:34:40 starting online/live migration on...


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