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  1. wolfgang

    VMware guestinfo interface

    Hi, how should this work? govc needs a vSphere API to communicate. Also, the vmware-guest-tools need a communication device that does not exist in KVM/Qemu. If this communication device is a simple serial dev, we do not know the communication protocol. This is needed to configure the VM with...
  2. wolfgang

    10G card is not recognized

    Hi, the network speed is part of the used diver in the VM and has nothing to do with the hypervisor. So if you see problems in a Microtik VM, you have to ask Microtik.
  3. wolfgang

    Slow transfer/backup speeds to external USB Hard Disk (<2MB/s)

    It looks like your USB controller is not working correctly. To prove retest without a filesystem. The test without fs will destroy all data on the disk. Unmount the disk before. You can run fio direct on the device. Also, I would use psync instead posixaio. Not many programs use posixaio, and...
  4. wolfgang

    Bundle network cards

    This setup is possible and can be easy achieved over the GUI. Just go on the Node -> Network -> and add a Linux Bond.
  5. wolfgang

    Stop Replication

    No, it is never implemented. Yes, you can. But I guess in the data center, it makes no real sense, and pvesr is connected for Cluster replication. I guess it makes only sense for pve-zsync.
  6. wolfgang

    How to replace ssd as a cache

    You have to destroy the complete OSD and rebuild it from scratch.
  7. wolfgang

    1 Card multiple ID'S (Transport id)

    Hi, Proxmox VE does not support Wireless Controller. Check that you have the correct firmware binary blob for it.
  8. wolfgang

    Network problem after rolling back snapshot

    Hi, is this snapshot with state (running)? If yes I guess your Application server does not like the wrong time.
  9. wolfgang

    Lenovo Server RD640 - Raid Controller 710

    Hi, No, this is fine. The alternative is you like the capability for snapshots, you can use LVM-Thin. This is not as fast but has snapshots.
  10. wolfgang

    is there a way to reduce the space taken by snapshots?

    Hi, A snapshot needs the space it needs. The only way to get more space is to delete snapshots.
  11. wolfgang

    Cannot startup pve-cluster service and show Cannot initialize CMAP service

    Ceph is a cluster storage solution and not made for single setups. I guess you are faster to reinstall the Proxmox VE than clean up.
  12. wolfgang

    ZFS size / allocated difference?
  13. wolfgang

    Proxmox Boot Issues on Dell T430 Server

    Then I have no idea because it works without problems on a T420.
  14. wolfgang

    LXC strange upload network speed

    I'm not using opensense, but there are two things about performance with IDS. 1.) how many threads do you use? I would look at the processes, and maybe you have only one Suricata process with about 100% utilization. 2.) the latency will increase if you use IDS to reduce the max bandwidth. If...
  15. wolfgang

    LXC strange upload network speed

    What do you use as phy Nic for this vnic?
  16. wolfgang

    VE replication

    man pvesr [1] [2] Yes. Yes see [2] 1.) 2.)
  17. wolfgang

    Weird Cluster bandwidth behavior

    Hi, do you have a dedicated redundant Network for corosync? And what network do you use for migration? I can imagine you migrate over the corosync network, so the latency rise and the corosync queue gets filed and resend pagages. With large clusters, this can be that there is a point where this...
  18. wolfgang

    pve-zsync vs storage replication: differences in the internals

    We use Perl in Proxmox VE management framework, so it is a script and not a binary file.
  19. wolfgang

    Slow transfer/backup speeds to external USB Hard Disk (<2MB/s)

    Hi, you can't compare rsync with a bulk copy. If you are interested in what your USB Disk is capable use fio[1] instead. When you backup a CT with rsync the first time you have to read/write many small (<4KB). This is not the best pattern for speed :). 1.)...
  20. wolfgang

    Route failover IP to container

    I do not understand your setting. The vmbr0 is connected to a nic what a private address is? The VM/CT bridge vmbr2 has no nic port and set a route to the private network. But the VM has a gateway outside this private network. A.F.I.K Hetzner allows only traffic from the main IP, which means...


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