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  1. Debian 10

    Cool. Do you have a list of what new features, changed will be coming (planned) in 6?
  2. Debian 10

    Hello, Is there an ETA when pmg will support Debian 10?
  3. How do you monitor your Proxmox nodes?

    We using Observium for resource and log monitoring (via SNMP and their agent), and regular Nagios for service monitoring (PVE services, etc).
  4. Dedicated CEPH cluster recommendations

    Hello, We are planning a new dedicated CEPH cluster + Proxmox cluster (and a Kubernetes cluster in VM) for our clients, who want to switch from regular iSCSI + vmware. For compute nodes (proxmox) we can reuse the currently used Supermicro superservers and twin servers, ther is no issue with...
  5. Migrating: Copy VMs direkt to CEPH Storage?

    You can import disk images with rbd import command.
  6. ZFS High-Availability NAS

    You can add two JBOD ox. However, everything is redundant in the box, statring from the HDD (only if you using dual port SAS HDD offcourse), including controller and power.
  7. ZFS High-Availability NAS

    Why? Can you explain please?
  8. ZFS High-Availability NAS

    What you wrote is good only if you want it use only a one node. You can no share these kind of softraid beetwen two or more server.
  9. External CephFS

    Ok, i installed ceph-base package from repo, which never than what debian have, and now its ok.
  10. External CephFS

    I studied source, and looks like the secret need to be in the /etc/pve/priv/ceph/cephfs.secret file. However, currently the main issue, why mount not accept secretfile options.
  11. External CephFS

    Hi, I would like to mount an external CephFS, where the pool name is not cephfs. With this command, i can mount it manually without any issue: mount -t ceph MDSIP:6789:/ /mnt/test/cephfs -o mds_namespace=proxmoxfs -o name=proxmoxfs,secret=thesecrec As you can see, the auth username is...
  12. ZFS High-Availability NAS

    Hi, I not fully agree with that. For this kind of money what these parts price (two head node, one jbob, HBA and sas cables), so for the same money yur ceph cluster will be useless, or more less power. For small cluster, where you have proxmox and vmware also (eq. 2 proxmox and one esxi or...
  13. Proxmox as CEPH Nautilus client

    Currently we have mimic on CentOS, min client is jewel. So, theoritically ceph client in proxmox can connect to nautilus ceph, if it allow it. thanks.
  14. ZFS High-Availability NAS

    Hi, I surfed on the web, and i found this interesting project: Basically this guy build a redundant ZFS based NFS (because he used vmware and he loves nfs better than iscsi) using two head node server and one (or more) JBOD storage box via SAS. Anybody...
  15. Proxmox as CEPH Nautilus client

    Hi, Is Proxmox can use CEPH Nautilus (external off course) cluster, is it compatible with it?
  16. Support External RBD And CephFS with Erasure Coded Data Pool
  17. qmp command 'guest-fstrim' failed - got timeout

    Hi, On a CentOS 7 VM with CEPH backend, i can run fstrim inside the VPS without issue: ~ # time fstrim -a -v /data: 0 B (0 bytes) trimmed /boot: 817.9 MiB (857587712 bytes) trimmed /: 13 GiB (13946646528 bytes) trimmed real 0m15.663s user 0m0.013s sys 0m0.026s I try to do this...
  18. Proxmox VE 5.3 released!

    Hello, qemu-server: add ability to fstrim a guest filesystem after moving a disk (during move_disk or migrate with local disks) Is it possible to do this without disk migration?
  19. Fence on 5.2 proxmox

    Not automatically, you need to migrate VM with yourself or via script, if you want online migration. HA stuff monitoring VMs, and when it offline, it start it on other nodes. But this part doesnt know if the VM will be offline because the node itself shuting down.
  20. Use ACPI for shutdown always

    Hi, Is it possible to configure, to use ACPI shutdown event always, when when qemu-agent enabled?


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