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  1. SSL on second hostname

    Hi Stoiko, I understand but problem is the ssl seems to be working and is valid. Only the check states otherwise
  2. SSL on second hostname

    Hi Stoiko, Thanks for your reply. The site who complains is All is green accept the cert part. Certificate #1 of 4 (sent by MX): EXPIRED Cert VALIDATION ERROR(S): certificate has expired So email is encrypted but the recipient domain is not verified Cert Hostname DOES NOT...
  3. SSL on second hostname

    Hello, An customer has an connection to the spam firewall but he wants to use his own hostname ( which is different from the configured domain name. This is ofcourse working, but some checks complain about the SSL certificate on the hostname (which is normal, as it...
  4. Outgoing email gets blocked

    Yes the rule I get. It is obvious the mail get blocked when it is spam. But I'm not sure why exactly this is marked as spam and how I can prevent it? Looks like the bottleneck is the FREEMAIL_REPLYTO. Correct?
  5. Outgoing email gets blocked

    Hi Tom, This is what I see in the logs: Mar 18 12:48:01 mx-1 postfix/smtpd[32652]: connect from pmgserver.url[ipaddress] Mar 18 12:48:01 mx-1 postfix/smtpd[32652]: Anonymous TLS connection established from pmgserver.url[ipaddress]: TLSv1.3 with cipher TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384 (256/256 bits)...
  6. Outgoing email gets blocked

    Hi all, Can anybody shed a light on why this message for example is bounced? It is an outgoing email using the PMG Spam detection results: 4 AWL 1.099 Adjusted score from AWL reputation of From: address BAYES_00 -1.9 Bayes spam probability is 0 to 1% DKIM_ADSP_CUSTOM_MED 0.001 No valid author...
  7. Training spamassassin rules not working

    Hi Stoiko, For the WHAT object i understand, but is there an example how to write such rule? Thanks for pointing out to the DNS part. Will look into that.
  8. Training spamassassin rules not working

    Hi all, I'm sure this has been asked multiple times before and found already some simular posts, but i cannot get it to work. I daily receive spam messages from bit invest. I trained spamassassin with the headers, but it seems not to be working. I also created a custom spamassassin rule for...
  9. [SOLVED] Strange SPF issues

    @Stoiko Ivanov : What I needed to do is to disable checks on these domains on the web hosting server. So they do not get checked. The strange part is, on all other servers (out of our management) these problems did not occur. For now, all seems to be good and is it filtering away perfectly...
  10. [SOLVED] Strange SPF issues

    Thanks, @Stoiko Ivanov Yes, all domains are added as relay domains. MX points to PMG filters the email, and then sends it to the right server. All domains are the same. So what can I check on the receiving server then? As the SPF is ok there.
  11. [SOLVED] Strange SPF issues

    Anyone? i lose a lot of e-mails this way :(
  12. [SOLVED] Strange SPF issues

    Hi all, I have a lot of domains in the filter which works great. But I have a strange issue with some domains. In some domains, I have a lot of bounces, based on SPF issues (not allowed to sent). And on others, I do not have those issues, although the SPF is the same, and it is the same...
  13. [SOLVED] Issues with syncing

    Sorry for the terribly late response. I could not fix it, I reinstalled everything and now it is ok. Not sure what caused the problem.
  14. Proxmox Containers Start First Time, Then Fail to Start After Shutdown Until Host is Rebooted

    Sorry for bumping this thread. I have the same issue when using CIFS to my nas. The VM is created correctly but does not start. Only after an fsck, it runs. Reboot: the same issue again. Switching to NFS fixes it but I want to find out why this is. Because it should run stable on CIFS also.
  15. No start after moving volume

    Hope somebody can help me with this.
  16. No start after moving volume

    I tried to mount it manually and it gives me an error the rootfs cannot be mounted. Run a pct fsck 103 and now it starts. Looks like the container gets corrupt Problem is when i create a new container, it is also corrupted. It applies only to CT not to VM What is wrong here?
  17. No start after moving volume

    It looks like it does not write the image correctly to it. Although the file is present on the storage. Not sure what is going on here Even a new CT or VM does not start
  18. No start after moving volume

    Thanks for your reply. I moved the volume with the move volume option in Proxmox itself. The SMB share has the same user as the NFS does. So in theory it should work I guess?
  19. No start after moving volume

    Hi all, I try to move a volume (disk) to another share on the storage (nfs to smb) but after the move, the vm does not start. How can i find out what is going on? thanks


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