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  1. local-lvm with more than one SSD/nVME

    Why using ZFS on a single disk (well except zfs-snaps perhapse)?
  2. Unable to access GUI due to ongoing Hanged vm backup on nfs share.

    Try 'hashing' out NFS entry in /etc/pve/storage.cfg, then reboot if possible. If GUI is back again readd NFS share (using soft mount instead). Just add 'soft' parameter at 'options' line (like so: options vers=4,soft)
  3. proxmox 7.0-14+1 VE and vm EFI veryslow

    You've probably changed disk/controller type - your VM OS cannot recognize (yet). Before changing disk config you should create a tiny new disk using virtio scsi type. Then install virtio scsi drivers under VM to it. Finally shutdown VM, change your main disk type and boot again (also remove...
  4. proxmox 7.0-14+1 VE and vm EFI veryslow

    I'd start by running some read/write tests directly from your host (PM I mean). If those seem to work fine next - do some benchmark from a VM. What is your VM harddisk controller setup? How 'bout changing your virtual controller to Virtio SCSI? Also what's the storage type - ZFS/ext4-lvm/thin...
  5. Mounted shares stability half-bricking PM ?

    Hi there. I recently noticed issues using NFS NAS share being used as backup storage. Probably due some network issues (or nas/power failure etc) scheduled vzdump process got frozen after reaching 100%. "Lucky" for me backed up VM still worked. Anyway I had to force killing vzdump proces and...
  6. New proxmox installation (Newbie)

    Proxmox installation (from official ISO) will remove all your current disk data so be warned. IMO 30-40GB is quite low for peace of mind using Proxmox + vms anyway... Workaround is manually install debian based distro and install Proxmox feature manually on top of it. Doubt you'll manage to do...
  7. PROXMOX HDD-Setup on HP ProDesk 600 G3 USFF

    If your new disk is trully 'unused' storage configuration from webGUI should be possible. For single drive I'd leave ZFS and use simple ext4 with lvm-thin instead. PS. Using NAS as a VM storage probably not a great idea comparing performance nVME vs LAN (1Gbps tops?). Depends on a NAS ofcourse...
  8. [SOLVED] Migrate VMs CTs to new install

    Perhapse cause you have a non-backed up 'backup' VD (not included in archive itself)?
  9. Performance on an Intel Celeron and an Athlon 3000G

    I think it will do just fine (at least for lightweight VMs/CTs)
  10. How to attach another vm disk to a different VM

    Not quite understand your scenario. Do you have a PM host with mounted storage (like NFS) on external NAS? Or NAS is a VM aswell? What's your filesystem on a storage containing your VD? You could try to create 2nd VM, detach your 1st VM disk, then attach it to other one. 2nd part needs to be...
  11. Move VM with ZFS disk to another Proxmox Server

    Afaik ZFS does not have VD's as a regular "files" to copy. How about just simple backup/restore? Using that your backgroud filesystem doesn't matter. You can backup/restore to different storage easily and restore process will match output VD's format accordingly.
  12. black screen/no-signal on monitor after upgrade to PVE 7?

    Just a quick update. After a few reboots vga output came back. I guess that makes troubleshooting even more difficult :/
  13. Performance on an Intel Celeron and an Athlon 3000G

    What's the main purpose for your build? Is it just a homelab or what? In both cases... why not a refurbished one like -Lenovo M72e -Lenovo M93p -MINI HP Elite 8300 USDT -Dell OptiPlex 3010 and so on... plenty too choose from. Or anything with i5-2500s like cpu (4 core). I suppose this old 2nd...
  14. black screen/no-signal on monitor after upgrade to PVE 7?

    Hi there. I performed locally a fresh installation of PM (6.4-1) on my Fujitsu x2540 M2. After that I updated (remotely) to v.7 'by-the-book' using pve6to7 check and no-subscripton repos. Everything went smoothly but what made me wonder is no signal on vga output (@ least that's what monitor...
  15. Performance on an Intel Celeron and an Athlon 3000G

    2-core 2-thread... not much to share with 3 vm's + host :/
  16. Performance on an Intel Celeron and an Athlon 3000G

    Intel Celeron... not much data on it. Whitch one exactly? 2 or 4 threads? For performance check overall benchmarks. I guess we won't predict exact performance on your specific needs. VM OS is one thing. What will it run is another... I'd go 4-thread celeron I suppose. BTW: double check...
  17. Uninstall Proxmox and bring back Windows 10

    You didn't just FORMAT your drive. Plain format (typically) won't harm much data on a disk. What you did is wrote new data on TOP of old ones so that will literally shred your previous data layout etc. More than that, you've changed filesystem on it. Sure u might get lucky with recovering some...
  18. 2 disks with only 1 connected to vm

    Are they equal in capacity? Perhapse its just an EFI one? What's yout etc/pve/qemu-server/*VMID*.conf file?
  19. megacli/megasasctl/megasasraid on PVE 7x?

    Hi there. Any ideas on installing megacli/megasasraid/megasasctl on PVE 7? The only working solution for me was installing 6 + hwraid packages, then upgrade to 7. What about plain 7? Any ready packages yet?
  20. networking.service status failed after install ifupdown2

    Hi there. I installed remotely ifupdown2 on my PVE 7 using SSH console (putty). I believe ifupdown2 install process seem to remove ifupdown. I did NOT perform update ifupdown packages prior to ifupdown2 installation (not a recommended move as I read after that). During installation I got dc...


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