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  1. [TUTORIAL] Tip for unzipping .ova files in Proxmox

    Added the the tag. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. [TUTORIAL] Tip for unzipping .ova files in Proxmox

    Hello all, Not sure if this is allowed or not. If not, mods feel free to nuke this. If it is allowed I am hoping that I can save some poor sap like me a few minutes (hours) of trying to figure out why I could not get my .ova file to be unzipped. Here are some of the guides I used to get a...
  3. [SOLVED] Proxmox Migration Error code 255

    I was actually just about to post that I solved the issue. I the VM I was trying to migrate, was simply larger then the node I was trying to migrate it too. So naturally that is not going to work. Thank for taking the time to help me though!
  4. [SOLVED] Proxmox Migration Error code 255

    Hello all, I just installed proxmox on a new Optiplex to act as a new node for my little homelab. It has one NIC and on SSD and I installed and configured the OS and it all seems to be working. I was able to create a cluster and then join the new node to the cluster without any issues. Now the...
  5. [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    Update: So after much trial and error and googling. I simply removed the old LVM Group, then ran "sgdisk -Z /dev/sdc" on the drive. From there I was able to reinitialize the drive and add it is a directory where I can now upload files too it. Thanks you @vshaulsk you have been a huge help.
  6. [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    Removed it from the "datacenter; Storage". Checked under the "disks; directory" I still see it as a VG. I was able to remove the Volume Group, but when I go to add it as a directory it says "No disk unused".
  7. [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    I checked. Default seems fine, as it only allows for Disk Images and Containers. Then to mount it, would I just select the "Storage" drive, hit "Remove" and then re-add it as a directory?
  8. [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    And now even after initializing and creating I am unable to upload anything to the drives. I am assuming that since I made the LVM I need to partition them in order to upload anything to it.
  9. [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    Tried this and got the following outputs: root@proxmox-ve:~# mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdc mke2fs 1.44.5 (15-Dec-2018) Creating filesystem with 117040640 4k blocks and 29261824 inodes Filesystem UUID: bb405991-4aea-4fe7-b265-cc644ea5e770 Superblock backups stored on blocks: 32768, 98304, 163840...
  10. [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    I get this error when trying to initialize the drive.
  11. [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    I did read documentation and watch a number of videos. Most of which did not cover the concept of RAID and RAID configuration all that well. I read the wiki and thought that all I would need to do was create new directories for each RAID since directories seemed the most versatile form of...
  12. [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    So, its been a minute and I hate to revive my old thread. But I reinstalled proxmox with a RAID configuration mentioned above. This is what my current "Disk" situation is looking like. Now how do I get this into usable storage?
  13. [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    I have around 48GBs of RAM so I don't think I should have any issues. Now how would I go about configuring these volumes without the RAID card. Normally I would boot into the RAID card, create the 3 volumes and then boot to the installer and go from there. But since there won't be a card, do I...
  14. [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    This is perfect. Few more things, what exactly would the use case of the non vm storage be? Holding ISOs, snapshots, backups etc I'm assuming? And should I just ditch the hardware RAID card and use the software RAID in Proxmox?
  15. [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    I'm not sure if I am being clear enough either. So essentially I have 24 120GB SSDs. I want to install Proxmox on my server. I don't really care about having redundancy but I do want the ability to take snapshots/backups of VMs. Essentially I want to be able to install Proxmox on those drives...
  16. [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    You are going to have to explain that a little simpler for me. Sorry, I'm a bit of a noob. So avoid a single volume set AKA 2 SSDs in RAID 0? Not sure what the difference between virtual disks and non virtual disks in this instance.
  17. [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    So ZFS seems like a more ideal and simpler solution. I am not against simply removing the RAID card, since I have never really used RAID. So again it seems like I should create a RAID 0 of 2 disks for the OS and then a RAID 5 for the other twenty-two drives? Then in Promox, how would the RAID 5...
  18. [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    Or maybe would running each drive in a RAID 0 makes things simpler? Essentially I want to be able to install Proxmox and then have any left over space dedicated to VMs and storing ISO files.
  19. [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    Yeah RAID 5 and 10 what was I was looking at for my next option. As for not being able to do anything, in the GUI I could not do anything. I could not create an LVM, I could not delete and LVM, couldn't upload any files to the content section. And the storage space was tiny. Of course most of...
  20. [SOLVED] Drive/RAID Configuration for Proxmox - Advice/Guidance

    Hello, A nice Supermicro Server (CSE-216A-R900LPB, X8DTU-F mobo) has come into my possession from my employer. I am attempting to get a simple homelab setup to practice virtualization, devops and security work. It has come with twenty-four 120GB SSDs with an Adeptec RAID controller. I could use...


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