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  1. disable Intel RC6 in Grub

    I have this line in /etc/default/grub GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet i915.i915_enable_rc6=0" but I got feeling that this command is ignored (since upgrade to pve4.0) because server crash randomly. for i in /sys/module/i915/parameters/*;do echo ${i}=`cat $i`;done returns ...
  2. Adding VLAN tag to openvz container

    What is the best way to this: adding VLAN tag to openvz container? Something like we have for KVM machines.
  3. [Solved] Backup got timeout KVM

    Depends on the size of the VM, for example: the backup process stops after 5%. If the VM is smaller the process stops at 24%. Backup completes if i choose the local storage. Also if i copy larger files (for example 1.6GB iso image) to CIFS, IO delays jumps to 50% and that's it. If i choose...
  4. nmap on pve host by default

    nmap is installed on pve host by default. Can i remove it without breaking something else? The iso: proxmox-ve_3.1-e1f08ccd-6.iso
  5. [Solved] RRDC update error

    I had to replace mainboard+cpu (because of unexpected server reboots) and now this errors shows up and pvestatd does not work: Oct 2 17:28:49 node-pve1 pmxcfs[2262]: [status] notice: RRDC update error /var/lib/rrdcached/db/pve2-node/node-pve1: -1 Oct 2 17:28:49 node-pve1 pmxcfs[2262]...
  6. Keymaps

    I need to change keymaps inside /usr/share/kvm/keymaps/si Is there any table/list how are those number 0xnumber* related to the buttons/key's on physical keyboard layout? I also get this error when changing keyboard - Datacenter/Options/Keyboard: Parameter verification failed. (400)...
  7. AoE for Backups?

    Does anyone use AoE in production? Maybe for backups? Recently i build up one aoe storage system for testing. AoE server: Ubuntu Server 12.04 amd64 Hardware: intel core 2 duo e6550, 2gb ram, SW raid 1 SATA II, 1Gbit network PVE server: pve 2.1 Hardware: amd II x2 250, 8gb ram, 2x SATA II, 2x...
  8. Multicast traffic no cluster running

    Why i'm getting multicast traffic from eth1/vmbr1 but there is no cluster running? Host has two interfaces: eth1(vmbr1) and eth3(vmbr0). Host was upgraded from 1.9. to 2.0 a few months ago. Before upgrade host was as master without any additional slave nodes. Is there any old config...
  9. ownCloud app

    Just playing around with ownCloud and made simple iframe "app". Screenshots: Source: Install: unzip to /apps folder and enable it under "Admin".
  10. monitor host and VM's using host sFlow

    Hi all well if someone is searching for simple solution here is something what i did. 1. First download sflow agent from Installation on Linux is very simple (you'll need ggc & make installed). 2. Edit /etc/resolv.conf Add: analyzer A...
  11. VM-push eth into promisc mode

    VM-eth promisc mode I've configured vmbr1 with promisc mode enabled on Proxmox VE. Is there any chance to "forward" this traffic directly to the virtual machine? Thanks.


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